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RE: Auto Glass Boss (Joe) out of Temecula, CA.

HINT as to how this goes: Get your popcorn ready and have a seat...

First off, I was quoted $150 per window, $350 if any glass needed to be replaced due to etching from the fog. Each window takes about a half hour and he takes out one window at a time, fixes it then reinstalls before going on to the second window, etc.

Secondly, Joe, the supposed owner said he carries the glass with him and can replace any panes necessary on the spot.

Sounds good, so far.

We went back and forth via text a few times regarding my distance, etc., then I finally called him. We talked for a bit... I told him I was in the desert at Ogilby, CA, about 10 miles west of Yuma (vicinity of American Girl Mine) and about 6 miles north of I-8. Again, he's in Temecula, about 185-190 miles away.

Because I had one pane of glass flapping in the wind, I really needed this done and I told him so, as well as 4 other windows.

At least 1 is etched (the one that separated) and possibly one or two others. This would be a good paycheck for him, right?

DUE to the distance between us, I hunted down a reservation in Temecula at Pechanga RV Resort (not even realizing it was at a casino property) and purchased 3 nights (NOT CHEAP at $85 per night).

Joe told me the dates I had in mind were good stating that he was going to be overseas but would be flying back in on Monday, March 27th from Malta. I expected this meant he would be out to do my windows at the resort on either Tuesday or Wednesday and he said that was fine and that I would be literally "15 minutes from his house". He said his secretary would give me a call later to set things up.

The call came later that same day.

My reservation at Pechanga (the only place that had availablility for my chosen dates) was from Monday, March 27 through Thursday, March 30 so I booked it. Dates were still ok with Joe via text message after reservation was made and paid for.

You still with me???

I told the secretary what dates my reservations were locked in for and she said "but dad won't be here, he'll be overseas". (RED FLAG) So I told this teenager that "I just spoke to him and HE TOLD ME he was flying back in on Monday the 27th and that Tuesday or Wedneday he could do my windows." She took my name and number and said she'd call me right back.

She called him and he told her those dates were all ok so she called me back and said that HE said "ok, that's fine" and took more information...I figure he'll call me on Tuesday or Wedneday to let me know he's on his way (depending on when he got done with any other jobs also lined up that day that he might do before mine).

TO REVIEW: This was the THIRD instance of the dates having been verified BY JOE and ok'ed within a 4-5 hour window.

I had to drive EAST back to Yuma to pick up 95 N to Quartszite because of snow and high winds in the mountains that I did NOT want to go through (and I don't have the required by California chains for my tires). I also did not want to drive into the San Diego area and then go north.

I try to stay away from heavily populated areas as much as possible.

At Quartszite, I stopped by the RV Pitstop to dump my tanks and refill my propane, didn't need water yet... (great place, very convenient) and then headed west on I-10 into CA. I turned south on 79 at Beaumont all the way down to where I picked up 215 S into Temecula. It took about 6 hours to make the trip to the very expensive resort where I would be "15 minutes from his house" so he could bill me for what I'm sure was going to be over $1,000 for a few hours work.

Tuesday afternoon I finally called Joe's phone and had to leave a message.

A few hours later the daughter/secretary called me back and said that he got "delayed really bad overseas" but that he was flying in "tonight" and she would call me "as soon as he lands." I never got any call.

In fact, Wednesday came and went and, well, I had to check out on Thursday morning. Apparently my windows were not going to be done after all.

I was done. I was not going to call him again... done.

I spent a lot of money on a very expensive resort AND the high cost of deisel to make that rather long round-about trip to get to a convenient place for him to do the work and then he didn't even have the courtesy or respect to call and say "hey, I'm not going to make it but you can call this other guy" or anything else.

Add to that the fact that Temecula is not exactly a touristy place that someone would actually direct themselves to unless you're a gambler which I am not. Never been in a casino and don't care to see one. I have no friends or relatives near Temecula or anything else... never in my life would this have been a deliberate destination so there's that, too.

I went there SPECIFICALLY for this guy to do my windows based on reviews and for no other reason and he didn't bother to show up or call or anything.

At 6:50 pm on April 3rd I get a message from him asking if I'm still at Pechanga so he can come and do my windows. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can't afford that!

Let's just say he tried to weasel out of his inconsiderate, unprofessional incompetence by "crying" about being a "single father" and things happen and all that crap which have nothing to do with LYING about when he'd be available, etc.

Then he tried to blame it on his secretary/daughter saying there was no appointment date and time listed on the invoice and even sent me a photo of it... but that information was dependent on HIM, not me because I don't book his jobs and had no idea when he might be done someplace else before he'd be heading in my direction.

All I was aware of (because he verified it THREE TIMES) was that it would be Tuesday or Wednesday.

THEN he said he "never got the message" referring to the phone message I left on Tuesday asking when he was coming... The one that his daughter called me back about a few hours later to say that dad got "delayed overseas really bad" etc... so I said "well, if you didn't get the message, then how did your daughter know to call me back?" His response: "I don't know".

Of course you don't...

I mean... if he had issues with one of his kids as a "single father" there's still no excuse for not calling a client...

potential client, to explain that there's a family emergency, etc. I would have understood that but this guy clearly lied to me to get a job. He verified the dates THREE TIMES!!!

On top of that, he waited until AFTER I locked down and paid for my reservations at Pechanga to tell me he "would have come out to Ogilby in the desert" to do my windows. Bay ad timing...

should have told me that BEFORE I spent nearly $1,000 overall on that trip. Not happy... not happy at all.

We went back and forth via messenger and I told him I was not about to waste any more money on him; that I was going to find someone else who is HONEST AND DEPENDABLE.

So... my window is still taped up and none of them have been defogged.

Today is April 17.

It's taken me this long to be able to even bring the subject back up without getting upset/angry.

Do not waste your time with The Auto Glass Boss in Temecula. If he can't even keep his job information or documentation straight, he probably can't do the windows correctly either.

Location: Menifee, California

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