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Let me word this correctly,seeing as how most of you are not being clear enough to forewarn others.

Aurora took our info on the phone for an Obama modification and pre approved us.

The paper work was to be sent within a month and they stated that we didnt have to make any payments for 2 months,and that once we have the paperwork in and all things have been taken care of ....Then our mortgage payments would be $700 a month if we consecutively made three payments.

I did not believe in this at all because of the denied efforts we had made in the past to modify or short sale while paying our bills, were futile.

So I kept the mortgage money and never spent it ,so if we were denied this last time I could make all the payments at once.

Aurora kept sending us late notices even though we were approved for the modification plan,so I called them on it and they reassured me it was ok and to ignore those notices.

We received the modification paper work filled it out sent it in and were denied even though we were pre approved.

This 3rd denial ,again was over the fact that I did not make enough money to cover the mortgage plan...Hmmmmm

I make more money now then when I first signed the loan with them!

Ya see I`m still employed but the boss was nice enough to tell me that I would be laid off Oct.1st so that gave me time to save my house and apply for unemployment and still be able to pay the $700 a month mortgage payment that they promised me.

The only reason you would apply for these modifications,or for that matter any of the plans that they were offering, is because you are in trouble and need help from the lender under the GOVERNMENTS OBAMA PLAN.

So Ahora tells me that they are not going to help me.

I say"Yea I had no faith in your scam anyway the 3rd time that's why I still have the mortgage money and I would like to pay the two months in full plus all the late fees".


It doesn't matter how much your government wants to help you out or how much good faith you put in,the small businessman or lender is going to bastardize it all and there is no one out there governing the plans that are proposed.

I:E...They all got their bail out and you can stick it.

I`m moveing to Canada after the foreclosure.

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166 of 216 Aurora Loan Services reviews

Jun 14, 2011 #298634

Did You get denied for Home Modification ?

Are You In Forclousure ?

Are You Behind on Your Mortgage ?

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage as a result of a loss of income
and can't refinance your mortage due to loan to value issues, I can potentially
help you avoid foreclosure!

We also specialize in chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy,affordable and professional.


Help is only a phone call away!

Contact us!!!!! 212 709 8141

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deniz f.

Apr 04, 2011 #269310

The bailout loans that were lent to finance institutions and investment houses during the recession are really not a horrible idea, as returns are starting to roll in. The Troubled Asset Relief Program created relief programs for numerous industries, but banks and other financial institutions have been recovering faster from the recession than other industries, and those loans have managed to turn a profit. The housing relief programs that were part of Troubled Asset Relief Program did not work out also. Here is the proof: Bailout loans paying dividends as banks rebound from recession

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Dec 31, 2010 #230329

I have been thru this *** adpukeum, with aurora.We have sent in 6 packages of the same info to them.We have kept paying 1400.00 per mo.
We have jumped thru every hoop they have asked us to and still no mod yet.
We really lucked out as their lawyer in Florida pulled the suit as our State Atty. General has pegged them as a b.s.
paper mill,filed false legal docs. to the courts,thousands of them.....but in three years still no help.
Please note,..we built our home 24 yrs ago and only got behind 3 mos.because of illness. Leman bros. got what they deserved...thanks for your ears.

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Dec 28, 2010 #229405

With the *** I have on Aurora this should be an open and shut case. I have caught them in lies on paper and on the phone. I really dont think Obama is going to save any of us. I actually stumbled into the attorny for Aurora that was in charge of evicting me and she even said she was going to recomend that Aurora resend the sale. I think I have some dirt on them I just dont know what to do with it or have the money to hire an attorny and go at it alone. Is there any help out there?

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Dec 15, 2010 #223785

I'd like to mention that we went the NACA ( They charge no money to assist with helping you get a loan mod. We wasted a little over $4k in trying to get our mortgage modified, a year later with no results other than a forebearance payment plan, I went to NACA. They do a US tour helping thousands of families save their homes. Today I received the information I've been waiting for, the approval at 4.5% saving us $1000 a month. I was skeptical, but they give you all the tools to help you stay on top of the your progress including getting ahold of your congressman and state assembly to have them advocate on your behalf. I think doing it alone didn't help until I began getting calls from my state representatives telling me they were going to help advocate on our behalf. It's worth a try, especially since there is no costs involved. Good luck to all!

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Lawsuit anyone,join us

Aug 24, 2010 #180112

A Federal class action suit was filed on 8/18/10 against Aurora.


Office: (212)709 8141
Hours of Operaton: Mon- Fri 8-6pm

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paula purcell

Aug 24, 2010 #179839

Class action lawsuit? Sing me up.Cant tell all I have been through for the past 15 months with AURORA LOANS.

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Fight Aurora Loan Services in

Aug 16, 2010 #176859

The fight has begun! Join my facebook page "Fight Aurora Loan Services in Federal Court"!

The federal lawsuits are piling in. The goal? 1000 lawsuits in Federal Courts by October 31, 2010. We can do it!!

Email me at

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Thanks Ahora

Jul 18, 2010 #165804

Its just as I figured it two years ago.
Ahora was going to wait until I ended up on unemployment then take my house.
They will accept no payments even though I can still make them however I am still in violation of their unwritten contract.
This is the last time I will contribute to this forum because I am takeing what little I now own and I`m walking out the door.*** YOU ARORA enjoy the 130,000 I put into the house,now sue me you ***.
*** you federal government
*** you America

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Jul 14, 2010 #164321


I came on here to gripe about my lender and suggest the solution I got, and found that several lenders are pulling the same *** my lender did. Sounds like loan mod is a scam across the board! I waited almost a year to finally be turned down by Wells Fargo for my loan mod. I did a lot of research and found out that principal reduction is possible through companies that use buying power to buy upside down notes from lenders and refinance it back to the homeowner. I only found a few different legit companies (after checking them out with the BBB),most refinanced it back at 110% current market value, and charged between $1800-$4000 to do it. The company I used, UDM Financial charges $2500, and the put my new loan at 90%, and gave me a 30 year fixed @ 6.25%. They saved me a fortune! It seemed to good to be true, I was a little scared I just lost $2500, even though the contract said I got a $2000 refund if it fell through, but I just signed the new loan papers. I don't want to sound like an ad, and I have no clue if they work in all states and with all lenders, so google principal reduction yourself and see what you can find. My point is, principal reduction works... Good luck!

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Bryan & Cheryl

Jun 29, 2010 #159001

we wish to be contacted on our story with Aurora there will be justice for this.

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Jun 28, 2010 #158712

3.If you have been a victim of Aurora’s unfair lending practices, then you may be eligible to join a california class action lawsuit.

Our lawsuit is geared towards aurora’s breach of contract. Namely, putting their clients on trial modifications to accept mortgage payments and then foreclosing with little or no notice.

If this sounds like something that has happend to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to email us at

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Jun 21, 2010 #156300

You people are under the impression that the government is going to help you in some way.
What planet are you living on?
The government is part of all the bankrupcy/bailout schemes.
Why would they bail out these big companies that refuse to cut their budgets and throw big parties and continue to *** huge corporate bonuses to the wind?
This is the third time they have pocketed the money and still have a big fat hand out.
Is a misappropriation of tax dollars not illeagle?Ya gonna sue the government?
How. theyre all lawyers.
Ha,you guys are talking about takeing class action suits out against banks?
Are you going to give the lawyers more money while your getting screwed and living in the street?
Do you think you can actually beat the Jews at a game they have set up 10 years ago?
This is not about being a patriotic American any more this is about wakeing up too late baby!
You have all been burned!

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Birgit Sandoval

Jun 18, 2010 #155528

Lies, Lies and More Lies
This mortgage company is a nightmare to deal with. They have tried to cheat me out of my home by misrepresenting to me my loan modification status and pretending that they never received the financial data that I sent them twice !
My ordeal with this company began Sept.2009
when I was only two months behind on my payments and offered to catch up on my loan if they let me do extra payments over a two month period. They first agreed to do this and when I was almost caught up, they changed the rules in mid stream. They told me that they would no longer accept payments from me even though I told them I had the cash to get caught up on my loan. They insisted that they wanted to put me in a loan modification program and that I would qualify for the Obama plan. I submitted all my info. to them and they told me it would take 120 days for them to review my info. When I called and followed up to make sure they received the info. faxed to them they even confirmed that they had received it. After 120 days I received a foreclosure notice stating that they canceled my loan modification review because they did not receive the information that they had requested (yes, the very same information that they confirmed receiving just three months prior).

Next, I hired a lawyer, and we submitted the information again. They told us they would have to start the loan mod. review from the beginning and it would take another 120 days. One
... Show more

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Incompetent Employees at Auror

May 24, 2010 #146609

Like all of you I have been working on a loan modification since October 2009. I have been told several lies (i.e. - some paperwork was missing, never received paperwork, you were denied, you weren't denied it's under review.....) Get with the program people! Are your employees trained? Can the read the notes that are entered into your computer system by your other employees. It's such *** that consumers like us are sitting here trying to save our homes unlike others that are just walking away. This will in turn save Aurora money becuase they won't have to pay to foreclose, list the property, pay for it to sit on the market..etc. Their executive team doesn't see that? College Educated, huh? Get more involved with your employees and what they are doing to potential revenue for your company!!!

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May 18, 2010 #144630 Shaver Lake, California, United States

Aurora has had my home in modification since Sept 2009 and there has been no resolution. I have received letters of Default and pre- forclosure notices but they seem to always postpone the sale. I am sick of these liars! We have got to do something about them! Class action lawsuit...I am in!

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Apr 20, 2010 #135362

Aurora has been jacking us for 13 months. We've done so many of the 3 month temporary mods, we fal short on a payment and have to start over. No on ever tells you the same's a mess.

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Dead End

Jan 29, 2010 #109509

The bail out is based on your income.

In the beginning of your bail out you are given 3 months to make your payments on time.
Wich I did.
Then at the end of three months they wanted me to send them what I had sent them in the beginning all over again.
All the check stubs all the bank account info and the application form.
What the *** kind of deal is this?

So what this says to me is that they are just waiting for me to get laid off from my
job so they can foreclose.

Am I going to have to go on another 3 month probationary period again so that I get tripped up in the end or what?
The mortgage company says no.
After you submitt more paper work you dont have to worry about anything as long as your dollar figures match what you submitted in the beginning.


What if I got laid off for 2 weeks then what?

As far as I`m concerned they can have the house.
I have already paid 100 thousand into a 170,000 dollar house that isnt even worth half that today.

It would be easyer for me to tell them to stick it because the housing market is not going to come back for another 10 years.Jesus the earth will blow up before then!
My home owners *** osiation is killing me and the neighborhood looks terrible.
Nothing is getting done and they raise the dues 40 bucks every 6 months x 5 years that I have been here.

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Dec 24, 2009 #97660

my modification is complete. I have worked through two modifications and 6 months of financial *** to finally get it done. Never believe anything anyone tells you from their customer service- and never believe anything from their site. Continue to call each day until you are getting the same answers, and then continue to call! Do not allow more than a few days go by before you call them and ask if there is anything else they need. I did not use an attorney or a program to get it done- but I was very proactive and spent hours and hours on the phone with them. Never give up- continue to push- and you too may get lucky!

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Nov 12, 2009 #86103

I have read MANY articles and consumer complaints about banks that are not working with customers to modify thier mortgage. I have done a lot of research on this topic. My husband recently stated with a company (The Hamilton Agency). They have an attorney on staff and have tremendous results and getting some incredible deals done. So if you are interested you may contact me by email at I can let you know how you can contact him, or forward an article to you that I found to be quite informative.

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