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As a retired fireman I wanted something to protect my family from the bad times coming. I spent over $300K with Ronal Hubbard at Atlas Survival Shelters and it was a disaster.

The shelter almost immediately started filling with water so we were forced to keep a pump running 24 hrs a day which meant I was also either dependent on a generator or the electrical grid 24 hrs a day. Then the shelter started changing shapes, I contacted Atlas countless times and Ron eventually quite answering my calls. Within a few weeks the shelter had collapsed so badly that the door would no longer open. I lost over $100K in guns, food and other supplies after an engineer told me it was too dangerous to try and recover it.

A year after I filled in the entrance with dirt I bought a Rising S Bunker and had no problems whatsoever.

18 months after that purchase I bought another from Rising S Bunkers and had it attached to the first one.

This has been over a year ago that I had the 2nd one installed and its perfect.

Dont believe the propaganda folks, Atlas Shelters will leak and collapse. Here is one of many pictures I have from before it collapsed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Atlas Survival Shelters Portable Shelter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $412500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Atlas Survival Shelters Cons: Horrible product.

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Another fake review by Atlas competition


Your a LIAR 1 you didn't even get his name right. 2.

"RON" puts a sump pump inside a 12" pipe that is connected to a French drain all the way around ìf it is not a water tight construction bunker for those just incase instances he leaves nothing to chance and if told of a warranty problem he jumps right on it.

If you are a fire cheif I am the cheif of police at St. Louis Police Department.

@Halbert Oxh

You are a turd

@Halbert Oxh

You spelt "chief" wrong.


Fake review. Copied and pasted here and google.


Yeah right budy, we know that only rising s bunkers leak, and they only go like 2 foot in the ground and they use propane, one the doors look like tin, the paint come off, because they don't sandblast, and many more problems, show your rising s shelter look like,


its not hard to tell this review is fake, just like the account on google with 1 review was made just to try and bash atlas. call google and have them investigate this claim. do not let this review deter you from buying an atlas bunker.however if you do decide to shop with another company make sure to do backround checks on the owners


Obviously a FAKE review. They are trying to use stuff about THEIR shelters against someone who is considerably more competent than them. Rising S is already being investigated for the death of 3 people in one of their bunkers.


Fake review... Fake news...


Hmm. it is weird as he has talked for over a year and extensively about high water table awareness and design needs for high water tables needing galvanized steel that is seam welded externally.

he shows his manufacturing floor and I can see the difference between the waterproof and low water table models. Did you self install?

did you specify your water-table level ahead of time? Just curious.


Notice he mentions "rising s" sooo we're supposed to believe his propaganda just not anyone else's.


My father was a fireman and I call BS on this story. You are going to tell me that you had saved up $400,000 for a bunker and $100,000 on guns, food ect on a typical fireman's salary?

That means you either stole money from the city because they don't pay that much or you are now claiming "stolen" valor to try and gain sympathy which you don't deserve. I have watched several of Atlas videos and can tell they are straight shooters, but their competitors appear to be lying, criminals would would post bad reviews to make them seem bad. The whole story seems like a total crock of BS.

Same on you RisingsBunkers for having to cheat to try and win. I hope it comes back to bite you big time.


hahahaha what a fake, go to their competition (who prob' wrote this) review. It's to dangerous to dig down a few feet and get lost stuff.. so any archeologists, treasure hunters or anyone with a shovel can get "your lost" stuff back.


Obviously a fake review..


Retired fireman my *** Atlas follows nuclear standards as can be researched via simple google searches. They are actually above standards and no hazard at all.


I would like to see if the "filled" shelter exists. I know that Atlas does a great job and they create quality products.

This sounds to me like one of the scam reviews from the people at Rising S bunkers.

They are proven con-men and one of their owners has a history of criminal activities (that is provable by doing a criminal on Clyde Wayne Scott). Nice try Rising S...


Altas' most expensive culvert shelter is only $130k. Even if you add installation and transportation fees, that wouldn't cost you $300,000!

This review seems fake, especially when he starts talking up Rising S.

The photo is misleading and only shows a bunker with the lights off and the mattresses thrown around. No water and no deformation.


Atlas has the best shelters available

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