Ron Hubbard is a great big con artist. He will show you videos, pictures and anything else you want to see to sell you a shelter but ask for 1 photo of yours being built and he disappears.

$42,000.00 lesson.

I am sure he will file bankruptcy as he has done with other failed companies in the past once we get him into court. Buyers Beware

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Fake review


Nobody pays for their bunker up front but just keep leaving fake reviews Rising S bunker employee

@Halbert Oxh

every bunker company I have talked to wants a 50% deposit up front what are you talking about?


Incorrect and false information.


yea mate you decided that you wanted 2 bunkers he made them and you then refused to take them you paid in a deposit which are non refundable


You have any evidence to back up those claims?


This review is as fake as a $3 bill... The team at Atlas is legit.


Rising S Bunkers company is owned by a registered felon.


Fake review by upset fail competitor


NOTHING you said is true. I hope he Sue's the crap out of you.


Fake review


This is a fake review.


Total verified lies


This is a complete lie, prove it with photos and video, you cannot because you working for a horrendous company called Rising S more like Rising Damp.


If this was a real claim it would've been dealt with by Ron already.




Fake news and liar


Go leave a review on ripoffreport.com that is a site he put in one of his videos to show how bad a company was and with the BBB he seems to care and give a reply on BBB

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