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I purchased 2 10x51 shelters from Atlas Survival Shelters (Atlas Bomb Shelter) and just as all of the other complaints go the shelter began to fail and Ron blamed it on a faulty installation procedure. Ron will not install a shelter but instead refer you to a 3rd party installer or give you instructions to install yourself.

After the shelter started to collapse we finally abandoned it all together and took or belongings out of it and within 2 months the entrance had collapsed entirely.

Ron has been involved in other failed and bankrupt businesses and will not stand behind his product nor will he return a phone call once he finds out you are having a problem.

The quality of the electrical and plumbing was also horrid, before the failure we spent $6,000.00 having things done correctly instead of just laying wires under the flooring and being electrical hazards. Since I cannot afford another shelter at this point I have no recommendation on who to use but I can tell you this, you shouldn't use Atlas Survival Shelters or any business that is associated with Ronal Hubbard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Atlas Survival Shelters Portable Shelter.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $512000.

Location: 7407 Telegraph Rd, Montebello, CA 90640, USA

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For a reliable, responsible builder search "northland shelters facebook Gillette". They are associated with the well respected owners of Utah Shelters and are working together to build survival shelters.


Wow, amazing what a company that produces crap will say about their competitor


Again I am calling BS on this review. This seems more of something a failed competitor would write then an actual customer.

An actual customer who is out that much money would have filed a lawsuit and gained the money back before they filed a report such as this. Rising S bunkers must really put out a bad product if they have to slam their competition in such a fashion. Atlas shelters are known worldwide for their quality and their ability to go above and beyond what others do. If you are truly a customer of Ron's then you would have gotten a quality product and if it failed it is because your lack of ability to find a good contractor in your area to install it properly or you did a half-ass job yourself.

I don't believe this is a real review oh, but if you did purchase a product from Ron and installed it properly it is on you and not him. Whatever you do oh, do not go to Risings Bunkers as they are truly run by a criminal ( Clyde Wayne Scott ... who has a huge criminal record). I have seen much evidence about the fact that they also build dangerous and unsafe shelters.

Unlike Atlas shelters that are quality built and up to nuclear industry standards, Rising S bunkers are inferior made and I would not put one in my yard even if they paid me. Rising S bunkers should really think twice before they start posting false negative reviews about a competitor.

It could be very easy for people who are fed up with Clyde Wayne Scott's abusive tactics to put up a lot of negative reviews about Rising S bunkers. I hope it does not come to the point where people are lead to feel that is the best way to silence false and misleading claims against Atlas survival shelters.


Another fake review. How are you out $512k when a decked out 10x51 shelter is about $75k?

These $ amounts and 3 complaints could start a class action law suit as there would likely be others who have suffered losses in your claim of a poor product.

People that buy this type of product do their research, care about their families, and would be smart enough to know that you would have a contract for $75k+ sale. If not, you’re an idiot and got what you deserve!


Please provide pictures.


Use ripoffreports.com that is a site he used to show how bad his competition is also report him to the BBB if you have not yet he may reply to you

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