2 years ago I paid Atlas Survival Shelters $86,000.00 in gold coins to install a shelter for me. To this day I still have not gotten my shelter or a refund.

Empty promises by Ron Hubbard eventually led to him completely ignoring me. When I called from unassociated numbers he always answered but immediately hung up on me when he heard my voice.

I have filed a lawsuit. Stay away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Atlas Survival Shelters Portable Shelter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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He probably realized your gold coins were chocolate. You’re just pissed because his YouTube videos called out your garbage bunkers. Btw, you blown anybody else up, lately?


Why you pay in untraceable means!?


That’s ***


Yeah right bud, it's only rising s that want cash for thair crappie shelter, every thing I seen on rising s , is cheap, *** built it's a death trap


If this was a true review, which I doubt oh, you should be able to provide the lawsuit court case number so we can look it up. I am calling you a bold-faced liar and that you are creating fake reviews on behalf of their Criminal competition, Risings bunkers, because they are unethical, deceptive, and incompetent shelter Builders themselves.

Prove me wrong and post the supposed lawsuit information you have so we can check it out for ourselves. I have made note of the date which is November 18th 2019. If you have filed before now you should have no problem proving it. If you have not filed before the state it shows your review is false and that you represent the felon Clyde Wayne Scott and his deceptive company.

The ball is in your court. Prove me wrong.


where is the court case number i would like to look up please


Another fake review! A person who is suing a company would not leave an anonymous review of the company they’re suing. It would be easy to determine who they were from reviewing court records in TX or CA which are public.


I would suspect this is false. 1.

If you paid someone in Gold coins, you're an idiot 2. I find no evidence of a law suit as you claim 3.

I would find it highly unlikely that someone like Ron Hubbard would take money and not provide service. This sounds like a character assassination from Rising S.


Prove it your working for Rising S or what they call in the business Rising Damp, please prove it on YouTube and I’ll pay you myself the total cost, but I know you can’t because your full of lies and in with very bad people that have been in prison.


Ron is an honest and respected shelter manufacturer. So this is extremely unlikely.


Fake news. Trash talk from liar


Use ripoffreport.com he uses it in one of his videos to show how bad one of his competitors is also if you haven't report him to the BBB he replies some times


is everyone in our society a ripoff now. everyone has a hustle instead of a real product.

Thats to bad because there's a real want and need.... thousands of customers out there just waiting for some solid service.


There is a new company building shelters. They are working in conjunction with the team from "Utah Shelters" for more information search "northland shelters facebook Gillette"

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