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Update by user Oct 14, 2021

After a reasonable delay to give Assurity time to rethink their position AND give others time to apply some pressure ---- this ex-policy holder re-applied as requested by Assurity's rules. Expecting higher premiums, in spite of Assurity's statement "not all terminations and reinstatements end with higher premiums", i was surprised to receive their reply.

"Your history of heart palpations and your use of prescription drugs places you in a category of high risk and Assurity cannot accept your re-instatement. " No mention of return of premiums. [One of my scripts is older than the policy itself, in fact it made the policy $200 more expensive per year for its appearance in my history.] Now it contributes to my highrisk dismissal. My response to this would be, had they asked for one : "my scripts end my heart palpations and insure my long and claim-free life.

No such heart trouble will ever create a claim, while i continue to remain pro-active and pursue professional medical advice. Only the uncaring individual would not pursue a cardiologist's suggested action and not taking a scripted drug and go untreated until such inaction finally produced heart troubles ending in a claim for heart attack or stroke or both. The untenable position that using a cheap, common low-dose drug is creating a high-risk individual is just further proof that Assurity is using excuses to clean their spreadsheets of unwanted clients after years of premiums have been paid, while preventing any such "highrisk" person from ever creating conditions for a payout. They should be required to return all premiums with interest, OR be required to keep policies active when clients wish to remain enrolled.

I'm seeking legal assistance to make this company clean up their act and behave responsibly. I need an advocate on my side to help with this. I have now lost either: 1.) all years of $1560 premiums per year OR 2.) from One to Four payouts as claims should i ever get cancer or demensia or another of their critical illnesses for this Critical Illness Policy. Terminated for 7 days late payment in covid times, and not reinstated for using a heart calming drug instead of a short surgery to fix a minor palpatation, i am simultaneously being punished by my insurer and congratulated by my cardiologist for being a model patient and maintaining good health by taking his advice for 6 years.

He waves my "normal " EKG in the air and calls my insurer an unrepeatable name for their behavior in 2020. "Do you prefer to be Healthy on your sailboat this season (and all seasons) or in possession of a $50,000 claim, in a hospital bed with an end of life critical illness.?" Sue them for reinstatement or a return of your premiums and celebrate your good health. I'm spending $0.29 per day for a healthy heart for the rest of my long life.

Someone please guide me to help make Assurity Life, Inc. behave properly and not just make themselves rich by sweeping some of the 'high-risk insured' out of their 'family' of premium paying clients.

Original review posted by user Sep 01, 2021

60 days grace period was provided to policyholders.

State mandated covid precautions in excess of 90 days.

This policyholder was personally affected 67 days.

Company policy is stated as 'we wish to prevent loss of coverage to our constituents during these difficult times.'

Payment sent on time went mistakenly to another wrong policy.

Late notice [and notice of duplicate payment] received on day 67.

Immediate corrective efforts were declined by Assurity.

Actual, accurate payment sent was returned by the company.

Statement as to the reason. "Policy terminated."

Only official recourse offered is a re-application process demanding complete health history, suggesting a new policy [written to a known client,] but one now 7 years older, asking medical questions aimed at establishing new risk factors to establish new premiums to continue previous [and now diminished] health coverage for more and higher premiums.

This client feels that covid conditions are being used to sweep clean policies not desirable to Assurity, while simultaneously boasting, for PR reasons, that they are taking all measures necessary to keep constituents insured.

Seven years of my premiums are kept by Assurity with company behavior like this.


Higher premiums going forward can be justified with updated health data now required to reinstate a terminated policy. Monies gotten from those clients whose payments were late in covid times is kept by Assurity with no contractual obligation to ever pay any future claim..

Seven days late, beyond meager extention to late payment cut-off dates

User's recommendation: As your coverage years accumulate be exponentially cautious concerning payment dates. One mistake one day can remove many years of history of timely payments and reduce all future benefits to zero. Resulting in the loss of every previous premium payment. .

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Assurity Life Insurance Company Pros: When the claim is for a covered illness it pays cash, Fact that it pays after a claim.

Assurity Life Insurance Company Cons: Like russian roulette one mistake late in life is very costly, Reminder system of a forgotten payment is by surface mail, If the premium is ever forgotten all previous premiums are lost.

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