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Update by user May 09, 2021

I sent a personal letter of explanation as to how covid resulted in a forgotten payment after a company rep. suggested doing so..

I Explained that two payments to another insurer went out instead of one to each. The other insurer returned the dual payment, but surface mail [being turned off for the out-of-state trip - for covid] hid both errors in payments.One month later I added a graph with a chart showing their 60 day grace-period for covid [illustrating how short and hidden it is] among the long duration of covid interruptions to my state's businesses and to my personal life both within and in-exile from my home state.. I have sent the expected payment, not by any means allowable on the web page of the company, but by a separate means altogether. No response, no change of policy status, nothing from the company about reinstatement.

I am a forgotten client, not worthy of a response, after a seven year history of premium payments and no claims. This for having missed a surface mail notice of non payment.

Virus vaccinations were available [for my age group] 9 days later than Assurity's 60-day extension for payments permits. It is as if the company is using any small technical mistake to release clients from coverage [thus keeping all previous premiums [in my case $12,500] and doing so while simultaneously boasting that their generous covid-relief measures are saving clients from losing benefits for non-payment of premiums.

Original review posted by user Apr 09, 2021

My insurance company Assurity terminated my critical illness policy for non payment of an annual premium while i was isolating for covid. Their reinstatement policy proceedure which reevaluates my risk potential and adjusts the premium for the remaining years will make my policy impractical to continue.

This in spite of their "covid extention statement which so generously states that : "We are here to help you" . . .

"our policyowners face challenges due to COVID-19. Assurity is working to revise practices to the extent possible to help policyowners keep policies from cancelling for non-payment of premiums.

We want to work with policyowners where possible to keep coverage in place, so please reach out to us regarding your specific circumstance at 800-869-****."

I have done so.

with phone answered by agent Dillon. I want the chance to state the specific circumstance: namely: "This insured has been self-isolating away from home in a very much more secure place, in excess of 60 days, until a vaccine reached availability for his group. But it was in a place away from SurfaceMail, and this has caused an instance of undeliverable mail -- resulting in an overlooked payment of $1562.50 . Thus the insured was late 13 days in excess of the currently permissible number of days for CoVid reasons..

Altogether, I had voicemail, email, phone service, zoom calls, and text, but no surface mail.

Dec 21 to April 2. Assurity notified me with surface mail post marked March 26th which i received april 6 with a post Easter trip [at agent Dillon's request] to receive the turned-off and held mail. This argument is the key to allowing a late payment for a terminated policy.The lack of receipt [covid reasons] of the letter of termination] should not be permitted to trigger this termination

Dillon [the agent at x4279] states very clearly to me " the re-instatement form is necessary to re assess the policy fee and re-instate the policy. " i have put in 8 x $1562.50 or 12 thousand 500 dollars in eight years.

of this policy without claims. I can continue this, permanently, but cannot do more. Reapplying will surely kill this policy. Giving Assurity a windfall amount with no payouts required, ever.

They are using "policy owners face challenges" to generate this win for themselves - if they deny every avenue for sending in a payment. I hope i can find an advocate who can agree and will take this "specific circumstance" case to company executives -- for a manual look at the circumstances as opposed to a re-instatement form that alters my premiums. I risk the $12500 loss [paid to date] if the company is allowed to raise the policy premiums for covid reasons

An advocate, [when the arguments are made for a manual exception by way of an executive decision] would make all the difference.

All i ask is acceptance of the $1562.50 [[orig]] premium, if they wish to acknowledge that policyowners face challenges due to COVID-19. If Assurity is serious about working to revise practices and intent upon helping policyowners keep policies from cancelling [for non-payment of premiums] then my premium should be acceptable, even tho it is 13 days late .

Where can i go for help?

User's recommendation: Don't count on notices reaching you in time to act on them.

Monetary Loss: $12500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Assurity Life Insurance Company Pros: Fact that it pays after a claim, When the claim is for a covered illness it pays cash, It accepts credit card payments annually for the premium.

Assurity Life Insurance Company Cons: If the premium is ever forgotten all previous premiums are lost, Like russian roulette one mistake late in life is very costly, Personal letter2assurity explaining covid issue gets no response, Reminder system of a forgotten payment is by surface mail, 60 day covid relief program for 99day covid isolation necessity.

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Why does a well delivered complaint from a verified reviewer for a high volume loss stemming from a single late piece of mail, (13days) in covid times, get no comments from company execs, advocates of insurance matters, other reviewers or the public? Seven back-years lost.

Unknown forward losses are immeasurable. Yet this is a legitimate forum aimed at making powerful changes in improving fairness and justice to all of us trapped in the 21st century full of such marvelous promise, yet replete with disease, famine, wars, climate extremes and human abuse?

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