Association Management, https://www.amihome.net, is very simply choosing which rules they want to enforce and for which HOA members they will enforce them. At our last HOA get together, I spoke with an elderly couple that had asked AMI to correct at least 4 to 5 homeowners that are leaving their garbage cans out in the front yard (by their garage doors or on the side of the house) and AMI will simply not do it.

When this couple first asked, they told me there were only 3 homeowners in violation, now that number has climbed to 5 separate houses that are leaving their trash cans in plain sight all week long. Each of these homes has garages, each of these homes has a side gate that leads to their backyard, and the longer AMI waits to correct them, the more houses will follow and begin to make our new neighborhood look like a trailer park.

This older couple wished to by anonymous in their reporting of the problem because of fear of retaliation from those 4 to 5 neighbors should they find out they were the ones that reported them. As long as it is a valid claim or report of a community violation, people should not have to openly put their name out for all to see.

No wonder why they changed from "Boardwalk Association Management" to "Association Management" - because they had so many negative reviews across the internet. It is plain to see that nothing has changed except for their business name: https://www.bbb.org/us/id/meridian/profile/hoa/boardwalk-association-management-1296-10****8892 / Do your research, you'll see a long string of negative reviews because they are either to lazy, negligent, biased, or discriminating in the way they manage housing communities.

How cheap and under the radar to change your business name to try and get away from all of your negative reviews.

The community HOA rules, state: "C. Garbage and Refuse Disposal: ... Any equipment for the storage or disposal of such material must be kept in the Owner's garage or behind a fence except on regular trash pick-up day. "

I guess this is too complicated for AMI Management, or maybe it's because they choose to discriminate and only correct the neighbors that are not buddy-buddy with them.

Whatever the reason may be, there are about 7 of us homeowners that are aware of their biased and discriminating method of enforcing neighborhood rules. Therefore, the negative reviews will continue until they decide to be professional in the way they manage their properties and conduct their bi-monthly community inspections.

User's recommendation: Hold AMIHOME.net accountable; make them be fair in enforcing community rules.

Location: Santa Clara, California

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Sí, la gente que rompe las reglas está detrás de mi casa en War Eagle. AMI no los corregirá ni hará que guarden sus latas.


Iron Mountain Ridge subdivision in Star Idaho is the community being spoken of in this complaint. It is true that this nice old couple is being ignored along with basic community rules.

Boardwalk Idaho was riddled with bad reviews and complaints on their Better Business account and it looks like the name change to Association Management Inc. has not helped this company learn their lesson.

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