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Robin speaks with forked tongue

It seems Robin a native American house cleaning manager not only drinks fire water but also speaks with a forked tongue

Our niece applied for a job as a cleaner for the Assiniboia Downs Winnipeg race track and was called by a housekeeping manager named Robin who was stuttering and sounded like she had just drank a case of 24 she told our niece the address and time to come for an interview when she called the transit station she was surprised to find out that the bus service had stopped and there was only service on the day of the races and exhibition and that the last stop was at Unicity a good 30 min walk from the race track

Since all the family members were out on jobs that day, our niece had no choice but to take the bus and the long walk from Unicity to the race track When she got to the office she was soon greeted by Robin who our niece said smelled very strongly of beer with poor hygiene and looked like she got out of the wrong side of the bed

Stepping inside Robin's office the smell of beer cans hit her in the face as soon as the door was opened and there was beer cans scattered all over the desk, to our niece's surprise Robin offered our niece a can of Stone cold beer Telling our niece "this is what a real native drinks 6.2 % alcohol and brewed in Winnipeg" amazed at all the beer cans she asked Robin how she can have so many beer cans lying around, and in a drunk slurry voice Robin said "when your management you can do what you want when you want" then Robin opened a can of Stone cold beer and passed it on to our niece and then asked her "so tell me a little about yourself "halfway through the interview the restaurant manager came into the office to ask about the bathrooms, Robin told the manager "leave the bathrooms till next week sit down have a beer" and opened another can of Stone cold beer and passed it to the manager then in a drunk slurry voice introduced our cousin to the manager

Then Robin told our niece that all her house cleaning staff had to pass the initiation which was to drink a 6 pack of Stone cold beer then ride a horse bareback with no saddle or reigns naked twice around the race track at midnight without falling off, Robin said the iniation is called

"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", our cousin asked the manager who was now on his 3rd can of beer if he had done this and he said "yes but none of us have ever broken Samantha's record of 3 times around the track" and when our niece asked who Samantha was, the manager said she was the receptionist nick named "Lady Godiva"

Robin told our niece that the interview was not complete until our cousin finished off a 6 pack of Stone cold beer, showing that she would be able to do the initiation ride. Our niece needed the job and the hot weather that day and long walk gave her a dry throat and 6 cans of Stone cold was a welcome relief, after having finished off the 6 pack of Stone cold our niece got up and shook the manager's hand who was now holding on to his 8th can of Stone cold beer, and shook Robins hand which was shaking from drinking 2 six packs of Stone cold beer and this was only 9am in the morning,

Robin told our niece she did good in the interview and she was impressed with our niece putting down 6 cold ones, and Robin told our niece that she will be getting in touch with her the middle of next week after she made her decision for she still had more people to interview and more cases of Stone cold for the interviews. Our niece told Robin that she was shy and asked if she can ride around the race track at midnight in her bra and panties and Robin said "I am afraid not those are the initiation rules" then our niece asked "what if I fall off before I go around 2 times" then Robin replied "I am afraid dear that you don't get the job, but you can reapply in 6 months" Robin showed our niece to the front office and our niece asked the receptionist Samantha "are you the one they call Lady Godiva?", with a blush and a smile she told our niece "yes"

Our niece came home all excited saying that she was getting a job at the Downs race track and that Robin will be calling her next Tuesday or Wednesday, smelling beer on our niece her aunt asked her why she dropped off at the pub on the way home and our niece explained that the beer was from Robin part of the interview process and that everyone being interviewed had to be able to handle 6 cans of Stone cold beer, 6.2 % alcohol brewed in Winnipeg while riding a race horse bareback and without any clothes, our aunt then said "my how times have changed, in my days they would offer us a cup of coffee now it's a 6 pack of Stone cold beer" the following week there was no call by Wednesday and our niece called Robin and asked if she got the job and in a drunk voice Robin said I am calling people back tomorrow, still the next day there was no reply we told our niece to wait till Friday maybe she is busy or drunk like a skunk

There was no call back from this drunk native cleaning manager Robin and our niece was very heart broken, having taken an one hour ride to Unicity by bus and then walk almost an hour to the race track, how very mean cold hearted and inconsiderate to not get back to people after walking almost an hour from unicity

Now we know Robin loves to drink Stone cold beer because her heart is Stone cold just like the beer. Robin not only drinks fire water but also speaks with fork tongue like a snake in a grass she lies and can't be trusted, bringing people out to interviews making them walk an hour form the unicity bus stop and then not being woman enough or have the courtesy to keep her word to call them back and let them know whether or not they were hired or to say thank you for coming in now that is very ignorant rude and inconsiderate.

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... What the flip did I just read?

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #935338

A thirty minute walk?That's not a loooooooooooooong walk especially if she's looking for a job.

I did it for years until I got my first car, at 23.

Clearwater, Florida, United States #924424

WTF? Really?

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