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Do not be fooled by the advertising pictures they show online. This place is dangerous, terribly inconvenient, and crawling with sexually aggressive construction workers, heavy equipment, and cockroaches. This isn't even an apartment complex, it is a run-down hotel that they are trying to pass off as apartment units. They tell a great story when you view the property, but it is such a dangerous demolition/construction zone that NOBODY should be living there during these months while the construction is underway. When you are not dealing with that, there are break-ins (a police officer told me the Aspen Lofts office was even burglarized), hit and run accidents in the parking lot, and gunshots at the even crappier hotel next door. The owners know this, but they keep reeling new people in to finance the work they are doing. The new people shortly figure out how bad the situation is, then they leave like we did- but without their money.

If flat tire from nails, break-ins, vehicle damage, roaches, and construction workers and out-of-town contractors coming on to you at your home, this is the place for you. We got the *** out of there.

Aspen Lofts is a horrible place to live.

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

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i'm happy to report (not literally) the conditions aren't better. finally they're knocking down the westmont.

I have video of them trying to use maintenance try to and sabotage my hvac system (of which has black mold growing above it) sabotage the power per the help of A long-term resident in building one. I can't prove that yet. The once they cut the power at 8:25 pm Thursday May 12,2022. there's two things they should've thought about.

One most importantly was don't forget cameras have back up batteries and two I purposely cut the power in our breaker box leaving only on the AC, the refrigerator and cameras busted! I refuse them entry March 30 in their attempt to cover up their mess the city plumbing inspector deemedd property unworthy see photos below .. I concur they're paying for the construction 2012 by either screw tenants over or false advertising as my floor plan outline shows my maintenance closet as pantry. unlike anyone else, they think we're gonna walk quietly and take our loss they should've thought of that before committing crimes against us my cameras caught...

The latest and greatest route of the maintenance man broke my camera and I have a missing jewelry and prescription medications. funny enough the maintenance man was charged with a burglary before and trying to attain a firearm when prohibited. We have a firearm in our home.

they know this and try to send him in unlawfully hmmmm feel free to contact me my username is my email at Google. Time to take them down...



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Hi Donna,

I am the Property Manager for Aspen Lofts. I see that this ad was posted back in July of 2012. Since then we have rennovated the property with new windows, doors, completely gutted out every unit and replaced with fine furnishings like stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, Dark cherry or lite oak cabinets and washer and dryer in each unit. We understand that before this project there were some issues with the property but since the new rennovations the property continues to look better each day that construction nears completion. I encourage you or anyone to come by the leasing office and take a tour of the property. We are getting excited for our landscaping and brand new clubhouse to open. We are also building brand new apartments next door. Please feel free to contact our office at any time. (402) 331-****.

Thank You,

K. Moore and Aspen Lofts

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This is ***. I currently live here and agree.