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I can not believe this dentist did this bad dental work on someone I care so much about.

Watch out for those who seem so nice and makes promisses they won't keep.

It's so hard to believe in people anymore.

Once you put your trust in someone and they do you wrong it feels like ***.

What this dentist really cares about is money.

Yea, money, money, money.

And most people don't have that kind of money to just give away.

People work really hard to just make it these days.

You really should get what you pay for right?

Monetary Loss: $5.

Location: Brisbane, California

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John O Czq

I take back what I said about this dentist . He is great.

I just rushed him that he didn't have a chance to do it right. Sorry .


Not my case with Dr. Vasquez.

He implanted my whole upper mouth and according to two other dentist, he did a great job. The only drawback is a few additional trips to TJ for adjustments to make it perfect.

Other than that, I couldn't be happier with the job he did. Mike Barazone


I have sent many friends and family to Dr Vazquez and have seen and heard nothing but the best of results and reports. I am a retired Dentist ...so I have a higher than average knowledge base to put is mildly.

I have hear of a few "ugly Americans" that try to undue credit card charges...and stimulate unfounded complaints. I suspect that is what we are looking at with this "unnamed comm-enter"?

Have seen this allot...IF you need financial help..let them know and they will keep you in your budget...it's that easy


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So Mr. Vazques, you think it's funny? That shows your true color. You think it's a perfect job to put two different sizes and shapes for a women's two top front teeth.

Her crowns don't have that nice smooth glossy finish.

I guess you're one of those who can't come clean and just admit they could of done it so much better.

You rather just move on to the next paying person.

You can just go on with your life and not give my friend a second thought but she has to live with this every single day for the rest of her life.

That's why I posted to let others know that your not perfect like you believe you are.

You stating that because of her implants being put in wrong that you can only put in crowns that look like that?

Crowns should look nice weather or not an implant was put in right or wrong.You need to slow down your pace believing you have everything in control because believing you did your very best on my friend is a lie.

You know in your heart that you could of done so much better but you didnt care enough did you?

She's the victim.

Only wanting what you seem to be giving everyone else and that's great looking crowns for their smiles.

You didn't have to put crowns that look like that because of her implants.

She can't understand why you think this is your best work and either can I.


Wrong, your wrong.


Hi Jennifer, This is the first and last time i will post, i dont have to use other people to post good things about me (as you think), i am very busy to loose time on this, we have done more than 3000 implants and 99 % of our patients are very happy, it is very funny to find all this bad comments from you and your family using different personalities against me (aparently i have only patients in Brisbane and San francisco Ca, jaja) , i feel very bad for you because as i explained you since the first time i saw you (in front of your sister), your implants done by your previous dentist i dont even know, where not done correcly, my big mistake was trying to help you with your problem. If you ever want, i can take you personally to another dentist specialyst to evaluate the 3 crowns or if you want i can give you the contact information of the dental board in Mexico so we can discuss your case with the expert...

I have nothing to hide and feel very proud of my work. Have a great day.


The first step should always be to take your concerns directly to the professional responsible and ask for satisfaction. Failing that, you might contact Eduardo Macias, Director de Facilitación y Asistencia al Turista at the Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Baja California.

He speaks English.E-mail: emacias[at]baja.gob.mx Phone from U.S.: (011) (52) (6**) **2-3367Dentistry is a highly regulated profession in Baja California. Consumer complaints are handled the the Comisión de Arbitraje Médico del Estado.

You can learn more about their work on our blog as well as learn how to choose a dentist in Tijuana. Find it by googling the last phrase.


You went to a dentist in Mexico, Tijuana of all places and you expect to get what you paid for?

:grin :grin

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-542171

I do understand what you went through. I just got back from getting dental work done from dentist number four, who also turned out to be an ***!

I doubt the guy is really a dentist considering how you can download anything off of the internet. There has got to be a place to report these imbeciles.

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