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Where do i go to get back

Bonnie T Chf

The motor went out it was fine when I recieved it worked ok for very small space only used a few times about an hr each time to cook off a bed room yes it had water yes filters was put in freezer for about half hr each time used. Then went to turn it on guess what?

NOTHING THAT'S WHAT didn't expect it to cool off any major room its to small.

But use it three times that's ridiculous. Where do I go to get my money back

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How do I get a refund?

Fleur-Louise T

Bought unit last winter. Started using it at the beginning of the summer. It has now started to leak.

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Ontel Product? Refund please!

Vicki P Bwk

I've attempted to call customer service and email to return this "air conditioning" unit (pos). I've tried calling 2 different numbers a total of 5 times, each time I'm on hold for 30min, 45min, 30min, 50min, and 30min.

None of my emails have been answered. So yeah, it's been over 30 days but I expect/demand a refund. I've used it 3x trying all suggestions for cooling - none worked. I feel a class-action lawsuit pending from all the angry customers' comments I've seen.

May I please, please get a dang return authorization number? I'm afraid if I just send it back with a "stick it" note, I not only won't get a refund, you'll just clean it up and send it to another poor, unsuspecting, souls like us.

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