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Updated by user Oct 30, 2023

I went to court and they have a right ignorant room obnoxious lazy lawyer that works for them and basically came to court almost 4 hours late and then I had to go to another judge and because I said something about the judge and the lawyer and that antics the judge let the lawyer come almost 4 hours basically the next judge didn't really want to hear my case and and basically just threw it out went in their favor

Original review updated by user Sep 30, 2023

On October 31st 2022 me and my husband purchased a vehicle from antwerpen Clarksville while we was leaving it was raining this was on Halloween basically we heard noises coming from the SUV so the next day it was when we got up there the dealership was basically already closed and we just signed off on everything and then we left like I said we heard noises coming from it so I contacted the sales manager they sold us to vehicle and I told him that I heard noises coming from it he told me to bring it in on that Wednesday and that he will repair it that was a lie when we got there he wasn't even there it was another a gentleman which was a dealership manage and basically wrong so when I did speak to the sales manager that I was talking to the originally told me bring the car in he basically was rude they basically didn't want to take the call back and didn't want to really look at it anymore so then I see where it was going that contact the different people I contact the NBA I contact the attorney general and also I contacted about a business bureau so the motor vehicle got back to me first they originally failed the car because they said that it was issues with it that you know I they didn't look at it even 7 Days later still didn't get anywhere then the better Business bureau stepped in day tried to resolve it unsuccessful basically they it's not done with two other people they didn't want to take the car back they didn't want to exchange the car out so then I come the finally after month the attorney general got back to me basically still on successful antwerpen has a history of being sued they'll put all the arbitration in your contract but then when it's time for them to resolve it they'll basically want to do what they want to do they won't give you another call they won't try to really fix it they'll lie about fixing it they'll do all types of stuff it has gotten so bad to basically I had to file a lawsuit against them the attorney they have working for them is very rude and obnoxious he is unprofessional he basically came to call almost 4 hours late they had to call him which was illegal all the way around because basically you sign for the summons you knew you were supposed to be there you would have attorney because these people are very very they have a history of it you can look it up they have this two multiple times for those rude deceitful antics that they do to customers basically they sell pieces of junk the car basically drove into a wall when I had Lexus look at it because it's a Lexus Lexus said they could not accept of reliability for it because the car has aftermarket parts and Turpin put on there they knew all this they didn't care nothing about that basically the only thing trying to fix it when that's not even on the table or they could appraise to vehicle and see what they would give me for it so they can buy another one now keep in mind the vehicle was 40,000 basically we paid $61,000 when that vehicle is paid off they finance 47,000 almost 48,000 for the vehicle that dealership has a history of messed up antics towards customers and the people say this good about them is lies read the bad complaints read the lawsuits that is the truth and they should be something should be done that dealership should be closed down!

User's recommendation: Stay away from them they belittle demand on TV call for years Jack dead and he was okay with it that African American guy I wouldn't have even did that and the cold company is like that the people that does work for them is okay with it that's why they stay working there.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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