Irvine, California
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They try to come across as one of the most trustworthy and honest. First of all it is not easy to find service providers close to where I live.

I might get a lead but in the 40-50 Miles radius. I can do better than that. If you want to cancel the service the real pleasure will come to your way. No e-mail option for cancellation fax or phone only...

After 25 minutes waiting on the phone I gave up and called my credit card company to get rid of their charge.

By the way I have already canceled the service less than a month after I signed up for it.. Horrible...Waste of time......

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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You gave it less then a month? Not too bright.

Any advertising takes time to show results, anyone knows that. cancelling charges or reversing charges on a written contract is a breach of contract by you. Expect to be challenged in court on the breached contract.

Again, another deadbeat contractor unwilling to honor a contract or pay his bills. Real shocker there huh?


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angie's list sounds like such a rip off! You made a good decision to leave them.

I use Seva Call because it's free and fast.

Almost immediately i had 1-3 companies in a close radius calling me wanted ME to chose THEM. is a great free should try it out!