Be warned about this guy who claims to be a millionaire expat after a few years of being a teacher and by writing a book on how to invest!! (obviously an expert then!) He talks a good game just like all the smooth talking finance guys out there but in reality he is churning clients out of perfectly good financial products and advising them to put the proceeds into other cheaper investments where he gets a kickback or should we say a commission!!

This comes at a huge cost to the client and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars would be lost. I wonder, how long would it take with slightly cheaper funds and no advice to make back all those losses Andrew??

The fact that he bad mouths reputable companies and ridicules people clearly shows how unprofessional he really is and is simply using a fear tactic to get your money so he can line his pockets. Afterall selling a few books with some tips must be better vs multi billion dollar investment companies that have been around for centuries. Don't forget JP Morgan was one of the pioneers that built America and he was not shy of taking large fees for the business he conducted and look at what was achieved!

I also noted the facts you state about fees on certain products and funds are fairly inaccurate, but i guess that must be because of your extensive experience as a financial expert.

I think you should go back to teaching kindergarten.

The world should really have less haters like this and we should be grateful for the great things we do have especially in America.

Review about: Millionaire Teacher Book.

I didn't like: He is unprofessional, Bad mounths all his competition, Doesnt really know his trade.

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This guy runs around telling investors how he is watching out for their best interests saying that they do not need IFA's as they are expensive and that they can do it themselves.
Now, I would be ok with that if this greedy double standards tosser was also telling the investors, whose interests he held so dear to go onto the internet and get the information in his book for free as buying his book is expensive. Or even better, to give his book away for free. But he doesn't because when he's not trying to drum up business for AES, he's out there, slagging IFA's off to sell books. A 24 Carat butt-munch
Billionaire mechanic
I have read the stuff Andy puts out and to be honest, it is actually common sense for which he should not really claim credit for the teaching of. For example, give up the unnecessary expenditures and save from a young age, look for lower fees, be aware of unqualified advisers flogging expensive investments, etc., and you will have more money. It is actually decent advice. Where it falls short is the naivety of the advice and the recommendations that I have seen with it, encouraging people to cut losses that have effectively been cut and ignoring other benefits of the investment vehicles. In his quest to sell books, he offers over simplistic and potentially damaging advice. I have also seen him recommend those spank-artists AES so not overly impressed. I give him a C-
Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar #1294454
This guys advice cost me ££££s.
Do not trust or listen to him
Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar #1289811
Recently sat in on one of his seminars .... as an expat that is a reasonably experienced investor - DO NOT DIY - use an experienced and qualified financial adviser.... YES they do come with costs and fees but it's a lot cheaper than DIY and getting it wrong
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates #1285406
Interesting thread, did my own research and it seems like the chap is being remunerated by AES, basically another financial company who used scare mongering to win over trust from clients at other Financial companies.
to Anonymous Valencia, Valencia, Spain #1306907
i heard exactly the same, in the pockets of AES and probably has relationships with other men
This "expert" gave me "advice" that cost me thousands. I had an offshore plan, which I was happy with but then enter this guy who gets in my head telling me to surrender it as it is expensive and that I will be "better off", then I learn that his advice has come with adverse tax implications and the money lock-up covered the charges anyway, so future service had been paid for. Cheers mate, I just gave away a service I had paid for and get to pay more tax. Way to go!
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #1068779
This guy is a complete tosser, a know-it-all that has enjoyed a considerable tail wind in his career compared to other teachers which was as much lucky break than skill. Sure, his discipline makes some sense, but cheaper is not better especially when that means a wholesale investment approach exposing people to an economy in its final death throws. I give him a D+
blah blah
wouldn't be as bad if he wasn't doing it to sell a book also give the size of the disposable income of some expat teachers, it is not a stretch to become a cash millionaire after about 10 years even with limited investing

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