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Amy Geise sold us 3 defective King Shepherd pups which were medically proven and diagnosed by 2 vets and the Orthopedic foundation for Animals to have mild to severe crippling hip dysplasia.Although contractually stated,she never honored her own contract and never refunded any monies.The pups were also well under standard height and weight with two having severe temperament issues.It has been over 3 years waiting for a refund.Also she states on the Michigan BBB website,she has been in the dog breeding business for 10 years when in fact it clearly states on her website she started her dog breeding business in 2006.The BBB has been informed and has yet to correct the obvious misinformation.Upon further investigation ,it seems,that if you have multiple complaints in a short period of time through the BBB regarding your business,your rating is poor.(perhaps the reason for the falsehood stated by Amy Geise as to the period her business has been in operation)Otherwise if truth be told,if the number of complaints versus the actual low number of years in business ,her rating would certainly show a decline.

After providing complete documentation in regard to each pups diagnosis and asking for a refund due us on the severe crippling diagnosis,Amy Geise contacted the company our pups microchips were registered with.She then claimed she as the breeder was the owner and authorized missing posters circulated through out our area.She also notified our vets,local police and humane societies stating dogs needed to be returned to her.After speaking with several agencies ,providing proof of purchase for all pups (Ms. Geise did this only after we attempted to exercise our contractual right to a refund and the pups had been with us for approx.

14 months),the local agencies etc. came to understand Ms.

Geise true motives behind her erroneous statements.

Buyers Beware,this is not the only issue nor are we the only customers of Ms. Geise's that have been sold defective dogs.Read her website carefully,many inconsistencies.Read her statements as to size,then read actual statements of vets while doing OFA checks on her site for example.Interesting reading!

Monetary Loss: $3200.

Location: Springfield, Vermont

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Kamile Xxv



I agree I was totally ripped off by the b****

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Details if possible please.


I made a deposit for a white king shepherd and they were great until 4 months before the litter was born and then I lost all contact with them. I lost $400.

I filed several complaints and am half tempted to drive there and file a small claim. They WILL get it coming.


My family adopted a dog, Angel, from a Polar/Wendy litter. Angel is a nervous barker and very protective of our property.

I have no doubts in my mind that without the proper training she would have been a nightmare. Other than that, regarding her temperament she has been an incredible dog. Great with all of our small animals and other dogs. Knowing that KSDs were prone to hip dysplasia, we did everything we could to stop it from happening.

We gave Angel everything you could think of to prevent this awful disease. We take her to regular vet trips multiple times a year because we are a fan of preventative medicine. We noticed some problems and took her in to get her back end x-rayed. I was asked by our vet to go back into the room the x-rays are taken in to see something.

I was shown two pictures, one, the example our vet keeps for severe hip dysplasia, the other, the picture of Angel's dysplasia. Angel's dysplasia was worse than the severe hip dysplasia example my vet keeps for comparison. Angel now takes meloxicam for pain. The HD makes her no longer able to do things normal dogs her age can.

Angel is from the 2006 litter and is about eight years old. I understand that Amy knew that the pairing of Polar and Windy produced problems genetically after the 2006 litter. What I cannot comprehend is why she would breed those same dogs together in 2011. They only thing I can chop it up to is being an irresponsible breeder.

I am very disappointed.

Yes Amy has made some mistakes, all breeders have. It is dastardly to speak poorly of Amy because of the work she does rescuing animals. What she does is commendable.

Those of you who dare speak bad about Amy's family relationships. SHAME on you. That is none of your business and unless you have spoken to her family directly keep your mouths shut on the matter.

This is a website for consumer reviews. Not bullying.

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As dogs age, especially with larger dogs they will get DJD. I am aware that the Windy/Polar litter did produce three genetically shy pups, which is undeniable however we never ever bred the two of them together again.


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Info from Amy's Own website stating breedings of Windy by Polar:

Amy Geise,you did in fact,rebreed the pair ,produced another litter,5 years later. (according to your own words,postings on your own website)

You did this knowing well in advance of the issues with the pairing,genetic defects etc.

Yet you state just yesterday it never happened?

CUT AND PASTED DIRECTLY FROM AAKS WEBSITE: "Links to Windy's litters: 12/06 — Sire: CDC's Amy Acres Kings Polar /> 08/11 — Sire: PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar (owner gallery to come)" Also your statement as to large dogs Will Get DJD as they age,not true,a large percentage will not.Perhaps though ,you have found it to be true in your lines?

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I believe the posts regarding family issues were written by family,not past customers.

Many individuals are involved in "rescuing" animals of all kinds.This neither paints them as a saint or the devil.Some "rescuers" are in fact hoarders,some don't care for the animals properly and then,many others provide a much needed second chance for the animal often providing for the care/vet cost out of their own pockets until a proper placement can be found.

However be wary of believing all "rescuers" are free of any personal agendas or all "rescuers" provide,stable healthy environments for the animals they house.


I have a $400. deposit down on a pup.

It was supposed to be born in early December. After numerous calls and emails she finally told us the whole litter died. I have called her six times since December. None of the calls were answered.

I have emailed her several times also. None of them were answered either.

She has clearly breeched our contract. I will either see her in court or I will be at her front door soon.

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Thankfully you are located in her area.My suggestion would be to contact local authorities,local judicial system,file a complaint,demand a hearing,contact the Michigan BBB (although not conducive in the past,filing a report,having it posted via their website,does alert other potential customers of the numerous complaints and issues associated with this business) and continuing to attempt to to make personal contacts with Amy.Keep documentation of all, including names,dates,intake workers name,organizations contacted etc. and end result.Also my personal advice,do not accept checks from this individual as their are still previous customers of years past still holding "refund checks" which could never be cashed.If by chance Amy states she will give you a refund,cash only and then give her a written receipt.Wish you luck.

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We conduct all of our financial transactions through Pay Pal and all is claimed on our income taxes, so that is of no worry, Amy

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You are welcome to my front door and yes we did lose a litter. Now if your would like Lieutenant, I could copy and paste the email you sent to me, threatening the abuse of your authority in regards to getting some of your police buddies in my area to hassle me.

I could actually copy and post it with your name and information if you would like as a abuse of authority such as this is not only unacceptable, but illegal.

Now I am sure through out your career you have done right by protecting and serving and I honor you for that, however the abuse of your authority is not acceptable and unless you would like me to simply copy and post your email to me, along with your name, and then contact the department in which you worked through, I would suggest that the deposit that has been placed on a future puppy will be full filled as we as Humans have no control over Mother Nature and it clearly states as with any breeder of most breeds, that deposits are transferable, non-refundable.

I have been involved in this breed for over 15 years and have not updated my website since October of 2010 as the majority of our pups are placed by referral and second placement etc. I do intend to eventually have the home page simply updated with our contact info as we only have one-two litters per year and this is not a business nor something we make money doing, it has been a passion and out of the 400-500 dogs and other rescue animals we have second placed as well as other King Shepherd Breeders whom refused to take back their dogs even though they were going to be euthanized, we took them in and work with many organizations in rescue of domestic and exotic animals, and are also licensed with the Dept of Natural Resources, among other organizations.

We have very good credentials and are involved in many aspects of many different species of animals and have been for decades, so for the few of you out of hundreds that we have not been able to please I am sincerely sorry as you can not please 100% of people 100% of the time, but with consideration, and communication much can be accomplished.

For those of you that do have and love the King Shepherds that we have worked very hard through out the years to produce lines for many different lines of work as well as the many we donate for those with disabilities that could not otherwise afford them, they to have a job to do, and we select each puppy for each family for the best fit and best chance for success for the family and the dog and if in the end it does not work out, they are here because of us and we are here for them until the very end, and will take them back with out question. Sincerely, Amy

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400 to 500 dogs since 2006 (8 years since you established AAKS),quoting your lowest tally, equates to minimum of 50 dogs per year you sold ,average fee of 1000. to 1500.

and known to charge up to 2500 per pup/dog.

Definition; Business

As stated on BBB Business : BREEDER

Complete fallacy suggesting you do not make money or have this as a business.

Business Established 2006 (as stated on AAKS website,not 2000 as Amy Geise now states)

The "Lieutenant" is also not the first person to have been promised a pup after having paid monies to Amy Geise and never have received a pup or refund. Also he is, but one of several, after approaching Amy Geise concerning her fraudulent business practices /asked for restitution,was verbally threatened and publicly harassed by Amy Geise.

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Don't buy a dog from this woman ever.

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You are so full of *** you money grubber


Here's simple solution. Don't encourage breeders at all - ADOPT a pet instead.

Hybrids are much much healthier due to less risks for breed- specific genetic problems. There really is no need nowadays for the general public to need a 'purebred' anything.

They end up costing a load more in vets bills & only encourage puppy mills/backyard/unscrupulous breeding. Save a life & ave yourself a load of money - adopt, adopt, adopt.


Facts only please, Amy.

As stated by Amy Geise:

"In regards to the multitude of vets and Universities and other organizations that I work and am licensed with, that is fact and most are simply posted on my website"

Fact being,none of the organizations posted on your website has you listed as a employee,licensed or unlicensed.Could you please supply documentation to your statement?

Statement by Amy Geise:

"As far as the BBB is concerned they as well as the Attorney General has found against both Anna Vance as well as Ann Marie"

Fact as listed on BBB website:(cut and pasted directly from that site)

Factors that lowered the rating for Amy's Acres King Shepherds include:

2 complaints filed against business that were not resolved

Statement by Amy Geise:

"No we have not paired up the same dogs that have produced known genetic issues and Windy has never been rebred to Polar as that was a problem pairing that we did not repeat"

Fact as posted on Amy Geises website under litters (cut and pasted directly from her website) (note 2nd breeding to Polar 5 years after 1 st breeding,well after full effects/genetic maladies of the first litter were known)

Links to Windy's litters:

12/06 — Sire: CDC's Amy Acres Kings Polar

01/08 — Sire: CDC’s Guardian Ranger of SkyWarrior

12/08 — Sire: CH Whispering Woods Berrin of CDC

12/09 — Sire: Jack of CDC

12/10 — Sire: Jack of CDC (owner gallery to come)

08/11 — Sire: PT CDC Amy Acres Kings Polar (owner gallery to come)

Further facts: The AG did not address the cases filed against you because they are of a civil nature,not because the cases were found to be in your favor.

Fact: you continue to force breed an aged female known to produce multiple genetic faults can also be found through your own website via utube videos.

Fact:You have not been breeding KS's for over a decade as is proven by your own website statements.

As posted on Amy Geise's website:

Amy's Acres King Shepherds had it's first litter in September 2006

Further fact:Although asked repeatedly,you refuse to provide documentation of any kind.You state your past customers,family are mentally ill,liars,tell half truths.Yet they all have documentation and you do not.

These are just a few facts Amy,verifiable by all,many more are available.

Durrell Fjs
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-618651

Amy, I think you are confusing many of these posts. No where have I mentioned your family, or any kind of illness.

Sabre was diagnosed with DJD and ED at 14mos. He failed his PennHip. We spent $3K on elbow surgery. His temperament had become aggressive, snapping at kids and adults...and became more aggressive towards dogs.

He, Ember and my other 2 were at the cabin. There is no leash law in the boonies. None of the dogs were on their own property. Unfortunately, the little dog (whose owners know he is aggressive and he has bitten me in their home) went after Sabre.

We did the right thing and paid their vet bill. It was a very heartbreaking decision, but at that point, his continuing aggression was becoming a liability. I called you to ask you if you wanted him back. I spoke with our vet and I had a long discussion with his trainer.

I did not hear from you, and the trainer (who had know him since a pup) said he was a ticking time bomb. He was great with us, but it isn't a perfect world out there and I could never guarantee that he might not get out. Doug took off work that Monday to spend the day with Sabre. He was put down AFTER working hours that Monday.

Ember is here...a member of TDI and his sibling. Not sure why you think I put her down. We did take in rescue that had hit by a car. In the 2 weeks we had her, we learned she had severe anxiety and could escape any crate.

After she escaped, she destroyed everything. My husband was patient, but after about 5K worth of damage, he said that was it. None of the rescues were willing to take her in, and mind you, I work in rescue! To put her down was the consensus of the GSD rescues....You still owe me the $.

We spent a lot on Sabre in the 3 years we had him.

I had one KS breeder tell me that they would have just put him down and not waste $ trying to keep him going... Just a question, if you have sold over 300 pups at say, $1K each, surely you could send me my refund out of that $300K and I would never have had anything negative to say?


Amy is a drug addicted fraud. She is only after money.

Her dog breeding business is in reality a six acre pig sty. She takes in abused/neglected animals, brings them back to health, then SELLS them. She only owns a few dogs which live outside. She has stuck her own mentally ill mother in a broken down trailer she owns next door in order to collect her moms ssi check.

She is mentally ill herself and is extremely volatile. She is collecting social security disability checks and continues to illegally breed and collect SS checks each month and is suppose to be disabled.

How can she lift 50 pounds of dog food and hay bales if she has fibromyalgia. Nice heh?

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Contact the office of Social Security within her state of residence or federally to report her "unclaimed" income from sale of dogs.Also a report to the BBB is beneficial if you are another consumer that has been a victim of her fraudulent business practices. .Although there have been other reports made to the BBB without resolution as yet,having a formal complaint documented and listed on the BBB site does allow the general public to view her mode of operation hopefully prior to becoming involved with such.

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