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I went to America's Best because I saw their TV ad for two pairs of glasses for $69.95.

Went to the Metarie, LA store and actually spoke to the store manager, Mr. Mike. I told him I had no health insurance (I am a self-employed seamstress)and I wanted that advertised special.

He told me I had to pay for the lenses for the glasses separately, and that each pair of lenses cost an additional $100. Therefore, I told him I could only afford to get one pair because of that price.

I thought I simply misunderstood their TV ad. After the eye exam, the worker there told me I had to get special plastic lenses. The total price for ONE pair of glasses, plus eye exam, was $212.33.

A couple of days later, I saw the TV ad again, and it distinctly says COMPLETE glasses, as does the website.

Nichole at customer service in Georgia very nice and tried to help me, but the Metarie store now claims I have to go back in and chose another frame (after Nichole told me I did not), meaning I will not have a pair of glasses to drive on a road trip of 750 miles. Watch out! Bait and switch in Metarie -- they upsell all kinds of eyeglass club and special plastic lenses THAT YOU DO NOT NEED! and then give you a problem if you simply want their advertised price.

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275 of 313 Americas Best Contacts Eyeglasses reviews
Mike Hawthorne

Sep 11, 2012 #540729


If you just say I don't want the Polycarbonate lenses, (another way of saying plastic) I don't want a warranty or any coatings they will sell you 2 pair of glasses for 69.95.


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Feb 16, 2012 #431165

AMERICA'S BEST is a JOKE!! Do yourself a favor and steer clear. ALL of the employees move at ONE pace... SLOW! 40 minutes after my appointment time I went to speak with someone and they said... there is ONLY two more people in front of you. I just spoke with corporate and they could care less, they said that a forty minute wait is acceptable. Well, I disagree! I have never seen such a lack of professionalism. AMERICA'S BEST is a NIGHTMARE. Mark my words... I WILL NEVER BE BACK!!!

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Feb 08, 2012 #425618

They can advertise 2 pairs for $69.95 BUT you have to pick the ONE pair of frames in the store that are that price. I've been going ABC&E for 16 years out of habit and 90% of my experiences are ok. I wish I didn't feel like everyone working there was a high school dropout.

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james c

Sep 05, 2011 #339676

went to the peoria, illinois to see if there prices was true.. the manager stayed on the phone for 10 mins. before greeting me. I asked whom i was speaking to, she sd with a rude, southern voice, the manager! i she acted like i confused, then she gv me prices, then sd left to talk to another person.. she was rude :?

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josh w

Sep 05, 2011 #339675

:cry services, was unprofessional.. treated me like i didnt understand bifocals! manager was rude as ***.. need to hire new managerment... show sum professionalism

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jenny walsh

Sep 05, 2011 #339674

went to one in peoria, illinois.. the manager was rude an assisatnces manager, optician was slow, didnt know the prices! the other employess was looking at facebook.. wht the ***... so I left an went to Illinois Eye

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Aug 29, 2011 #336016

A couple of years ago, chevy ran a special where if you bought a tahoe, you got a car for free. I truly believe most of you cheap and clueless consumers would go buy a tahoe and then ask when your free corvette would be ready. The free car was an Aveo. If you shop like a cheap POS, you get cheap pos. The sales associates at AB are trying to get you into eyewear that fulfill your needs so that you dont look like a clown with your inch thick plastic plus 5s. I am sure you are all ugly and therefor dont care about looks, but come on, the test of us have to look at you.

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Mar 04, 2011 #256534

I kept telling them I want that 2 for $69. They really don't explain all the charges! Mine came to about $210 and the frames are cheap looking! I will never suggest America's Best Eyeglasses to anyone!

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Mar 03, 2011 #256253

i went to best in mn, rosedale in harmar mall. They were good, the eye exam did take long but i only paid $20 for my contacts.. Colored and 20 pairs.. It was good, i would ttly go back.. :)

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Bad service and managers

Feb 23, 2011 #252360

Went to get my eye glasses adjusted and get my follow up exam done..waited there forever and same with adjustment. Waited over 2 hours saw the doctor for not even 5 minutes then waited some more for me glasses to get adjusted. When it was finally my turn to get adjusted...The optician took her precious time and in the mean time she also scratched my left lens. I noticed it right before I was leaving and she tried telling me that she didn't scratch them they were already scratch and wasn't responsible for any damages. I was like WTF...You better get ur manager and fix this it wasn't scratch when I brought them in! After another 45 minutes the general manager said she would give me 15% off my next purchase.. I was like how does that help. These are expensive frames and lenses, why would I get a whole new part from them..Will never go back to that location. Blaine, MN the managers are always in the office making conversation about personal matters while the employees run the store..

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Ashley Gibson

Nov 20, 2010 #213747

I am by no mean surprised to see this same complaint over and over again. I spent $206 on my 2 pairs of glasses that should have been $69.95. I was charged $52.50 for neverglare advantage AR coating which we were not even aware was being added. We were not asked. I was also told that because I have an astigmatism I HAD to have polycarbonate lenses and could not use plastic there. I am not ***, my other glasses were plastic and I have had my astigmatism for quite some time. I did end up with the plastic because it was going to be over 250 for both pairs of glasses to have polycarbonate lenses, but I was told that it would not help my astigmatism to do it that way. When I talked about getting just one pair of glasses the women tallied the cost to be $20 less than the 2 pairs w/poly carb. lenses. This place is a piece of work. They weren't even telling me what they were adding to my lenses and telling me I couldn't get plastic because of my astigmatism. I am curious if anyone does it their's for the 69.00, because I spent over $100 per pair. I realize that it's cheaper than most places, but regardless, they should tell you what is being added and not tell you that you CAN'T get a certain type of lense if you know for a fact that you can have plastic lenses with an astimatism! :(

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Jul 19, 2010 #166001

seriously folks, you guys have to use some common sense here. If it sounds too good to be ture, it probably is. I went to AM best and I have a higher prescription and I opted not to go with the cheap stuff and get something a little more high end. For two pair ended up being around 250. Last eyeglasses I got from a private practice was 600 bucks (WITH INSURANCE). Please use common sense when walking into any sales situation and know what youre getting into. You just wont be getting the customer service you would get at a private practice but thats why you pay less money. A good anology is dont walk into mcdonalds expecting top sirloin...or do you?

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May 30, 2010 #148623

Hey Best,
I can read. I can follow directions.
I SPECIFICALLY ASKED for the advertised special.
Perhaps you should fully read and comprehend posts before you comment.

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May 14, 2010 #143605

Thank You, Thank You guys for your comments! You have just saved me from this same problem. My grandson don't have insurance and I thought I would help out my daughter and buy him some glasses, after calling the Newly opened store in our town (didn't get an answer), going on line trying to make appointment but it would not let me I started looking at the connecting pages, And Thank God for all of you for sharing your experiences! You saved me the aggravation!

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May 13, 2010 #143290

Ok. I work at an America's Best. Although not in the stores mentioned here. About "Bait and Switch"... After seeing an advertisement and coming into the store (BAIT), you are then told the item in question is not here, and you'll have to choose another item (usually of inferior quality to the advertised item)...(SWITCH). America's Best advertises 2 pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95. If you look at the bottom of the ad, it clearly says "ask associate for details".
Here are the details: The 69.95 price require you to get 2 $49.95 frames, with SINGLE VISION plastic lenses. This does NOT mean lined bifocal lenses, transition lenses, progressive lenses, thin and light lenses, or even scratch coated lenses.
As with ANY sales based business, the SALES associates will ask if you would like to upgrade your frame, or lenses. You can always, ALWAYS say "no" and pick up your thick, plastic, single vision, non-scratch coated, non-ultraviolet protected lenses in about 2 weeks.
Anything that strays away from the advertised special will cost more money at a tune of buy one get one half price.
In any case, even if you spend $450.00 for 2 pairs of progressive, hi index thin, Transition lenses, you are still ahead of the game. The same thing would cost you about $600.00 at our competitors...for just ONE pair.
By the way, if you choose to get an exam, then NOT buy glasses, it WILL cost you $45.00 as you did not get the advertised special.
... Show more

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BBB here I come!!

May 04, 2010 #140031 Ledger, Montana, United States

The same thing happened to me at the store in Westland michigan. Before I got the glasses, I asked the rep if the price was 69.95 out the door. She said that it was. After I had gotten my eye exam...which I did not need but only got it because it was FREE with the two pair of glasses that I was getting, they then told me that my price came to 275.00. I told them that they can just cancel the order then. But then, they said that I had to pay for the eye exam again, that I did not need. I had already had an eye exam in February of this year. End result...I got the glasses. I will NEVER go to this place again. This is false advertisment and I will be reporting them to the BBB.

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all run out of new jersey

Apr 30, 2010 #138979

I did some research and all America's best eyeglasses are part of a New Jersey conglomerate corporation.
I am not surprised to hear similar stories about their sales tactics -- sounds like it is the company line.
BTW, although a customer svc. rep in Atlanta seemed to really try to help me, I ended up just canceling my entire order because of continuing idiocy of the local store. never again.

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Mar 25, 2010 #127271

So glad I found this site -- if I can save one person from America's Best, I will have done my job.

I am complaining about the America's Best at Independence Plaza near Trenton, NJ. But actually, it sounds like they are all run the same. My MAJOR complaint is also the bait and switch -- my son and I went in for the $69 special, and I left having spent over $250. AND the woman, while running my card, never gave me the total -- I noticed it when I checked my receipt upon leaving. Same stuff -- you need this, tried to tell me that PART of the eye exam you had to PAY for (not free like ad says), son NEEDED special lenses (NO HE DIDN'T!) AND the worst part was the blonde woman who thought she was funny and she is just RUDE. We made it clear that my son was planning on just taking his prescription and going on line and getting the glasses he really wanted -- we made that clear from the beginning. She was so slow in checking us out (about an hour just adding everything and putting it into the system) that at the end when we asked AGAIN for my son's prescription, written out, we were informed that the doctor had LEFT. We insisted she give us his prescription, and she rudely said, "What's the big deal? We'll mail it to you." Well, the big deal is we had wanted it from the moment we walked in, and told everyone that!

I will never walk in there again, except to pick up the overpriced *** we bought.

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Mar 23, 2010 #126716

Was at Americas Best yesterday after eye exam and choosing the 49.00 frames required to get the $69.95 deal I was told that my prescription did not qualify for the special deal and would cost almost $300.00. So I ask about buying just one pair and was told I would save about $40.00. Does anyone ever get 2 pair for $69.95 or is this just a scam?

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hate them

Mar 17, 2010 #124977 Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

Went there and had something similair. i was told that I "needed" all this extra stuff, and they couldnt by law sell me glasses without it. I took my prescription after ordering my 237.00 glasses, went online and ordered from glasses shop.ocm. I got the same pair for 28.50 shipped. My ones from the ionternet have arrived today and they are great, i am STILL waiting on my Needed by law pair, and it has been 3 weeks.

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