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Do not use this company!!!I recently send my stuff through them and evrything was delayed 1 month without excuse,few of my large items were lost or stolen at their warehouse in US and 50% of my chinaware was broken.They don't care about people belongings.They disconnected their phones,i am writing e-mails and no response.Big rippoff.They also charge me for half of the container and they put 2 other people in it for my money.Main contact is the owner Gregory.Watch out he is full of c....p.Do not believe him.

Location: Krakow, Malopolskie

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I have the same experience. I am Polish just like mr. Gregory.

Thought I can trust the guy.

The container left after a month instead of the week, as Mr. Gregory said.

On top of that, when I received my shipement, there were only 5 out of 11 boxes I sent.

Allegedly, the rest is about to be shipped. It's supposed to arrive in January (its end of November now). I shipped my stuff at the beginning of September.



Jaelyn Hdy
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They are rip off,do use them,i never got my items,never got any answers from them.


Do anybody has any good report in reference to the above company. When I spoke with Greg he clearly said that shipping sometimes takes about a month. I have not contracted the company yet, however I would like to know if any other customers has had a good experience.


yes, i tried to find any records of this company, any license etc. nothing

does anyone knows them, they keep changing offices, they are never available


Hello. I think I have been affected by this same Gregory guy.

Could I please contact you through email or call you and ask you what happened? You can reach me at gonzaloanglada@***.com

Thanks for your time.

Shacora Iir
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Hi This guys is a scam, I have delivered one Container for him from price container yard CA to his address and now its been 3 months trying to track this guy, not picking up the calls/ no email responses if anyone can help?

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