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It is impossible to find a doctor who is supposedly in network, who is a part of American Business Coalition and the PHCS limited benefits plan that I supposedly have. I've spent multiple days making phone calls to various doctors in my area, calling all the numbers on my medical card that I was given by this company, and continually failing to find an any doctor that can say for sure they know they're in my network and they know that they are a part of American Business Coalition. So far this year, I have had absolutely no help at all from thisRun company and I've got a serious problem developing now and cannot get into a doctor in my network BECAUSE NONE WILL CONFESS THAT THEY ARE IN FACT A MEMBER OF MY NETWORK AND A MEMBER OF THE AMERICAN BUSINESS COALITION

User's recommendation: Avoid!

Location: Denver, Colorado

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this "discount plan" is TERRIBLE. I had a heart attack and did not know which hospital was in the network as I was in shock.

Went to the urgent care and the plan did not cover it. It came to $12,000, which they reduced to $3500. There is NO urgent care coverage!! I had to go by ambulance (not in the plan $1200) to the hospital (Not in plan) for a 2 day stay from the urgent care ($56,000 bill reduced to $16,000).

DO NOT GET THISI PLAN. I pay $351 a month for NOTHING.

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