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If you are looking for overpriced, sub-standard dental work performed by incompetent dentists in a clinic run by people who become angry and resentful when you bring things to their attention, then look no further. American BioDental is the place to go.

If you pay their exorbitant prices and things go wrong, they will totally ignore you and never respond. Tough luck is the attitude. I went to have a molar extracted because of their previously bad crowns which allowed food to collect under them and caused rot in my tooth. I was also to have an implant done at the same time.

The dentist was a butcher. My teeth have very shallow roots and will come out easily when properly prepared which never happened. The implant was still causing pain a month later. I returned to have it removed and then learned that the hole was too large for the implant and gum tissue was growing in.

There were other issues that developed with the second dentist who removed the implant and didn't stitch my gums properly. Neyda and Alex were not interested in this and stopped responding when I raised the issue of the USD1500 I had paid and still didn't have an implant.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Bio Dental Cons: Extended and unnecessary pain and their bad attitude.

Location: Blvd. Agua Caliente 4558, Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

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I posted my experience with American Biodental. Refund never received.

Dang Zeb is seriously misinformed. The dental office NOW may not be doing implants but they most definitely were doing them in 2017.


That's horrible, I would have been pissed too if a clinic took my money and refused to refund over unsatisfactory results. Is it possible they've cleaned up their act since then? It has been 4 years and some friends of mine recently went for extensive work and were very pleased.


American Bio Dental does not do implants. They are a holistic dentist office and do not believe in implants. you are writing a review for the wrong office.

@Dang Zeb

Exactly. They follow the Huggins Protocol and do not perform implants. They suggest partials.

@Dang Zeb

I just read a horrific review left by a woman with the title: "American Bio-Dental housed in the grand hotel". I have an appointment with them in April and need to make sure this review is not about this particular clinic.

I can send it to you via email if you'd like. Thanks in advance!


I agree 100%! I also had a very bad experience here.

It's chaos and confusion and the dentist was the worst who has ever touched my mouth! She didn't even speak English at all.


Well, If this is in fact the only dental clinic in this hotel then I'll be cancelling my appointment. So disappointing.


I concur with this review. I went here in 2017 and there was only one Yelp review at the time and it was not good.

I took a chance. It didn't go well. I wrote about my experience with a 2 star review and then all of a sudden a bunch of 5 star reviews showed up out of nowhere (gee, I wonder if they're fake.... one even called me out as a liar but I notice it's gone now that I've deleted my Yelp account because of fake reviews).

This place is an assembly line for foreigners and they sell themselves with a fancy office - NOT good work. There's about a half dozen dentists I think and they likely turn over very quickly.

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