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Update by user Nov 12, 2022

Follpwing my post, I have received no communication from Unum or Starmount AlwaysCare.

Original review updated by user Oct 13, 2022

DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE. Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare are terrible insurance providers.

Fundamentally, they deceitfully represent their products and services, delay to authorize treatment, and make it extremely difficult to discover coverage reimbursement rates and limits. Like all insurers, they make their products and services sound good, baiting you into a subscription. Once you are hooked, however, here is what will happen.

Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare won't disclose that they limit the number of times you can obtain benefits for certain procedures, and you won't think to ask. For example, after you have started treatment, you will find that your periodontal procedure will be reimbursed only one time in three years.

Moreover, should you discover that limit, they won't disclose that they will only cover three treatments and no more forever. If you want to complete your treatment, you will pay 100% of the costs for the remainder of your treatment.

To determine which procedures have what limits, you will have to provide procedure codes to Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare. A procedure code is an industry standard number assigned to a medical or dental procedure. For example, sticking with the periodontal procedure example, D4275 is the procedure code for a "Non-autogenous connective tissue graft (including recipient site and donor material) first tooth, implant, or edentulous tooth position in graft".

Unless you provide them with that code, you will not be told that the procedure will be covered "One [time] in 36 months, minimum age 19. Alternate benefit of comparable free soft tissue graft procedure". Because it is extremely common for your dentist or periodontist to recommend periodontal treatment only after they detect more than two sites that present periodontic disease, the coverage guarantees that full treatment will require 9 years, because Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare will only cover one treatment in 36 months. During those 9 years, the untreated periodontic disease will worsen and become more problematic, extensive, and expensive to treat.

More than likely, given typical consumer and employer behaviors, you will not be with Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare for 9 years, which means Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare end up covering only one periodontal treatment and your periodontal disease progresses.

Even if you can provide the procedure code for a treatment that your medical or dental professional has recommended, Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare will argue with your provider as to whether the provider has provided the correct procedure code. Again, sticking with the periodontal disease example, your provider will tell you that you need a D4275 procedure, but Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare will argue with the provider and you FOR MONTHS, claiming that some other procedure code is the correct procedure.

If you are finally successful in getting an authorization from Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare, they will delay payment to your dental or healthcare providers FOR MONTHS. Your provider, however, will demand payment for the services they rendered (wouldn't you?) and you will have to pay them to prevent your provider from turning the case over to a collection agency. This means that you are now in the position of having to deal directly with Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare to get them to reimburse you for what should have been paid to your provider.

And Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare will delay FOR MONTHS to reimburse you.

The next thing Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare will do is shuffle you around their various departments and personnel. You will find that every one of their personnel will ask you to provide the same information that you have provided previous personnel, as if that information is not available in their information system. This is a tactic calculated to wear you out so you will simply go away. The personnel will engage in other delay tactics FOR MONTHS, such as claiming that the information they required was "misfiled" or that you were inadvertently misdirected to an incorrect department.

Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare won't disclose coverage cost or occurrence limits without engaging in significant delays, denials, and misdirections.

They will argue with your provider about the procedure codes the provider submitted, claiming that some other procedure is appropriate. And they will shuffle you around from department to department, claiming they cannot find the information that you or your provider submitted, or claim that the the information was misfiled.

Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare are terrible insurance providers.

Do not reward them with your business. Do not put yourself through the monumental, time-consuming hassle of working with them.

User's recommendation: Avoid Unum and Starmount AlwaysCare.

AlwaysCare Benefits Cons: Enormous hassle.

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