InMichigan the only state that had the best VOTED FIR INSURACE, IN THE DARK OF THE NIGHT THE GOVENOR WHO VONED NOT TO SIGN TANY CHANGES TO IT DESTROYED IT. Now if a child is injured severly for life and the parents unknowingly took the 250,000 pip amount that is all they will pay for that child's life.

Gov. Whitmere has kids, she must not give a *** about lives really!!!!! Did you get paid on or under the table? Your husband uses you for special privileges during COVID lock down in TRAVERSE CITY MI, OR DID YOU SEEK YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTERS ADVICE AFAIN.

So they cut off health benefits for the most catastrophic injured which takes years to resolve with no punitive damages. People lose the homes no income coming in. IME DOCTORS LIE. They fly patients in from other states here because the IME doctors are immune from any wrong doing even hurting a person during an exam.

This is criminal. They are trying to kill people by drying them. But we all shall have are day in court. Juries will seee the truth of the insurance company and withered scam.

Michigan Supreme Court should throw her version out. The people voted any chant 20 years ago. We want the old medical the way it was. 8 hours a day attendant care for a paraplegic's care is all they get?????

Something smells very foul here. Please contact Lansing and tell them you want to vote on this.

Whiteners is over the top when it comes to power hungry ruler. Informed people make her do the right thing

User's recommendation: Stay informed fight these bastards.

Location: Southfield, Michigan

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