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My name is Brandon Whitmore and I have bled specifically Corvette but Chevrolet in general my entire life! I worked next to Chevrolet Allstar in Baton Rouge at a mom and pop shop dreaming of becoming a Chevrolet Corvette engineer and I never could afford the schooling.

Ive always driven a Chevy and thought if you dont then your just simply a person that makes bad decisions. Recently in 2019 my wife and I could finally afford a somewhat new Chevy truck 60k miles loaded and it certainly had its issues that I was truly more than patient on giving Chevrolet Allstar several opportunities to fix using the warranty I purchased along with all other gap and service maintenance contracts bells and whistles and didnt ask for $1off! I only drove it 3 weeks and it left me stuck many times needing to be towed at my expense and after several times Allstar Emphasized that the transmission was replaced and the original not starting issue was taken care of So I brought it home where it was stuck and did not start again even the general manager I texted this to showed his frustration but The same general manager Lee Carney after I wanted this vehicle taken back and the sale to be rescinded he would only do a buyback and for some reason in that buyback I had to write a check for $3800 because of the taxes the paperwork fees and I had already made a $600 payment for my first note so thats $4400 Ive had to pay for a truck I only drove three weeks which is 11 months of a brand new truck now with a credit score of 890 I couldve gotten 84 month financing on a brand new trail boss that if he wouldve taken this truck back and had been considerate that I bought this nightmare due to my 95 Chevy I put $10,000 into broke down And being self-employed caused much problems between my wife and I financial reasons then this truck I bought 60k was down for three weeks with transmission plus left me a stock several times costing me tow fees And I wasnt making it back in that time it was down cause more financial stress plus a customer of mine Stiffed me for $600 because I couldnt complete a job in a timely manner and I ate that $ 600 because hes right. My wife then left me because I have a truck now and Im not working very much and if he wouldve taking this one back and put me in a brand new trail boss full price I wouldve been able to get back to work and hit the ground running button instead since my wife left with my daughters and she just wanted to be off out of the deal I had better sign that paperwork if I want any chance of getting my wife back so now it was not easy at all considering he did not rescind the sale he would only do a buyback and I had to give him $3818 I wrote a check for taxes and whatever else plus my $605 payment I made to Wells Fargo offer driving a truck for three weeks that I bought from Chevy All Star in Baton Rouge Louisiana I then had no choice but to sell every I said I possibly had to fix my old 95 Chevy because I gave them $4500 I had in the bank!

Another month down trying to get the rear end fixed on my old truck that I did not earn any money on because they bought the truck back instead of rescinding the sale as I requested and I could not recoup my taxes back! I cannot on any level imagine how they feel after selling me a bad truck they did me a service by charging me $4500 just to take it back when if they wouldve just rescinded the sale I wouldve signed a note on a brand new trail boss and my note wouldve actually been $100 less per month because I couldve had 84 month financing instead of 60 and it wouldve absolutely gotten me back-and-forth to work for at least a year or two and I wouldve continued to bleed Chevy like I always have! Shortly after the transmission went out on my 95 Chevy and I found someway to be able to fix it as well and after 15 grand in that 95 Chevy stepside a lady pulls out and totaled it so I bought a 99 Chevy because I could not And probably will never be able to go through that painful process that caused me my family that I fought 2 years to get back as well as six months of anger management All because The General Manager screwed me And would not rescind the sale! I drove it for three weeks its been three weeks in their shop and every other dealer in this city said that they couldve reversed the sale at six weeks but after I got home and it broke down and I did get it started I brought it straight back over there and told them I dont want this truck we will have to work something else out worked out a deal that cost me $4500 for driving that truck for three weeks and when I drop the truck off to them wanting them to take it back in spot for three weeks as I passed by several times seeing it had not moved but because of the buyback and not reversal of the sale I cannot recoup my taxes from the city either and I just dont know how they feel that they did a service to one of your customers and it is hard for me to stand behind Chevy that Ive bled and loved and have been so loyal to My entire life and anybody that doesnt drive a Chevy I cant say anything about them buying a ford or damn foreign car!

Also on that note my wife I Fought so hard on getting back now brags to me on her f&@$!!! Hyundai she drives is so much better than my Chevy that always broke and the new one that screwed me and as much as Id never raise my hand to a woman it makes me wanna punch her in the face(just kidding) because she is right! My name is Brandon Whitmore and my number is (225) 505-**** Id like to know what Corporate Chevrolet/Gm has to say about this! Ive won trips to the Miller Motorsport high performance driving school as well as the Super Bowl because I was the best service advisor in 8 southern states mostly just because I give a *** in life and my mouth is a walking talking salesman for any product I ever thought to be good and sold two chevys to friends I dont even work at a dealership but my lips can only speak about this experience from purchasing a Chevy truck from Allstar and when I think of Chevy I just put my head down!

I dont wanna drive another vehicle!

Cant afford a new one now because Im disgusted with the automotive industry and the now landscaping Ive single-handedly been doing for a few years is getting hard because Ill be 40 soon and working for Chevy after what Ive been thru with Allstar Id rather punch myself in the face and any other car dealerships well I just think they should sell Chevrolets and I wont go work for a company that makes bad decisions. As for I may be alive in life but after Chevrolet Allstar plus riding in my wifes Hyundai teaching my two daughters that my wife was right about cars and I am wrong about Chevroletwell Id rather be dead!

User's recommendation: Walk.

Monetary Loss: $4423.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

All Star Chevrolet Pros: Awesome vehicles.

Location: 11377 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

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