I have waited over 18 months for my home. No one seems to answer the phone at AJ home center anymore, yet the bank still is charging me interest on a loan.

A loan that has shown 2 withdrawals so far. Months ago when they were still answering their phone calls, they were blaming it on the manufacturing line...after reading a handful of reviews I'm starting to think I should probably be contacting the Nevada Department of Better Business Bureau.

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Their building burnt to the ground last night 6/18/2023. They nearly scammed me out of $25,000 , but I caught on to their game an filed a claim against them.

I told Josh to get off and stay off my property.

Then I told his partner at that time I either got all of my money back, or him and Josh would be in jail. I got it back in less than 12 hours.

Karlene Ofi
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Who was the other partner?

France Hvg
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How did you get in contact with them? We are a construction company that was supposed to do work for one of their customers that they scammed. The customer is trying to find a way to get his money back from them.


Nevada Housing Division and Palm Harbor Corporate would be wisest point of contact. Start a subpoena and make them prove otherwise. Eventually they surely have to be shut down with all the fraudulent activity being reported over and over.

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