Was encouraged to go to her by her specialty ad and her state of the art supposed service went in for an exam and cleaning I already knew I had a cavity but due to covid I couldn't get it filled so I booked an appointment for her to fill my cavity they did a *** job cleaning my teeth they didn't use a descaler they just use a pic they picked one molar tooth that had calculus in it I guess and used a polisher with no dentifrase my yellow teeth stains are still on my teeth they didn't properly clean my teeth I don't have gum disease I've never had any issues before but any rate I called and called and complained told him I was in pain that I might need antibiotics just to prevent infection as their *** composite kept falling off and was into my gums they did nothing but give me a prescription for fluoride toothpaste I don't want them to touch my tooth but I want my records they have not sent my records yet and they have not addressed the problem I feel they were neglectful in the way they treated me and the doctor didn't check my tooth out fully I advise them I couldn't hold my mouth open and to use that prong opener maybe if they look closer they would have seen what they done or didn't do but at any rate I am irate at the treatment I received from this clinic after I complain to the dental group they belong to where I get my insurance from then the secretary returned my call but they still didn't send my x-rays and paperwork to take to a competent dentist that I'm going to have to pay about $2,000 for not to mention it was done next to a tooth that cost me $2,000 for a crown just warning false advertisement yes they were clean I'll give him that but it was like right after covid all you can see was the doctor's eyes and an assistant did my tooth with the *** composite and I've been in pain ever since to this day right now so I don't want to lose this tooth but they *** it up real good warning if anybody's checking reviews about Dennis they write a nice work up and say they do this that the other and laser cavity filling which I thought I was going to get which would be more precise but they didn't do that they used a good old drill and they filled it with some kind of composite *** again warning it's not with this supposed to be pissed off in Ohio off in Ohio this is permanent damage malpractice at its finest cracked up to be pissed off in Ohio

User's recommendation: Warning! They didn't show me any of the state of the art equipment or use it on me I wreck I asked if I can get a more sophisticated x-ray since they *** my tooth up so bad they have an answer and after I complain to the insurance group the secretary called me but she didn't give me an answer this warning warning warning cuz once somebody *** up your teeth you're ruined.

Location: Bedford, Ohio

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