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I'm not sure the right word, but it has something to do with disingenuous audacity, chutzpah (the bad variety), blatant shamelessness, and a generous portion of heartlessness, particularly the extent to which their promotions are heavily targeting the older generations and/or those who are desperately looking for a way to acquire enough money to retire. They infer that in agreeing to pay whatever Fees they are requiring, they will then give you the information they say they have and will then give you that will make you rich, or financially secure for the rest of your life.

NO, that's not how it works.

The Fees only get you in the door, as it were, whereupon they then make you watch a video that will be anywhere from 45-60 minutes and then hit you with another fee that can range up into the thousands for that particular bit of information that that particular video is promoting to you. JJ

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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