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I went to AD to replace an old upper denture in February 2018. After my arrival they badgered me into getting my bottom teeth pulled and to get a bottom denture too.

The dentist was brutal while pulling my teeth. I could feel him ripping my teeth out and he would not stop. He even pulled a tooth I wasn’t aware that was abscessed with out proper antibiotics prior to the procedure. I left there a bloody mess and even bled all over the counter at the pharmacy.

The dentures do not fit right and I still cannot eat anything worthwhile. Upon going back to get my permanent teeth they tried pulling something over on me saying I was just there for a re-align. The liner made me so dizzy and sick I had to have it removed. The location in Knoxville on the greenway is where this happened.

They refuse to see me any further and referred me to another dentist, they refused to refund all my money and I’m still waiting on the check months later.

If anyone is doing a class action suit please let me know at twallace0221at yahoo. Com

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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by looking at all the comments on here i would say the so called dr. clyde dds is a wanna be dr or worker for the company, as he seems to be a know it all about dentistry.

and yes you do need antibodies before having an abscess tooth removed to get rid of the infection before you get rid of the source of infection. I think the so called dr clyde dds needs to get a life or learn a little about dentisty before he post all his off the wall comments about affordable dentures. as it seems he is a affordable worker or affordable advocate. just check all his post.

if he were a real dr he would have better things to do with his time then to troll the net and comment on this site.. so Dr Clyde DDS, time to get a life and shut up about what you do not know about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL! "A wannabe worker for the company," as if working for a fleabag denture mill would be a prestigious job!

You are such a comedian! You ought to have your own show! You know as much about antibiotics (not "antibodies) as you know about life on Mars.

Guess you missed the fact that antibiotics go over the body killing good bacteria as well. Guess you haven't seen any yeast infections as a result of unnecessary antibiotic use.


1. Patients DO NOT very often needed antibiotics before abscessed teeth are pulled.

The quickest way to get rid of an infection is remove the source of the infection. A large percentage of the time the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic anyway. 2. It would have been smarter to wave the tooth with a root canal than extract it.

3. It is ALWAYS better to save AT LEAST two roots on the lower arch to fit under a denture and support it. Even better would have been to save enough teeth for a partial denture. 4.

You go to a corporate chop shop instead of a good independent dentist and harm is likely to come to you. Why did you do a stupid thing like go to a denture mill heavily advertised on TV?