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I was told to sign papers before anything was initiated, yet the papers stated that everything had been discussed already and they had not. They did not like me questioning this.

I was told by the dental hygenist to go out front to pay and I would get my teeth that afternoon. I called my daughter in Lakeland, FL to give her the amount to transfer to my account as she was paying for my dentures. While I had my daughter on the phone I went to the window to ask the amount that would be owed, the receptionist was filing out some paperwork and told me " couldn't I see she was waiting on another customer" and slammed the window shut. The so called office manager came and I tried to explain that my daughter was a PharmD and worked in a hospital which was very busy was the reason I asked for the amount so I could give it to her.

She stated that my daughter was working on their time and they were not working on my daughter's time and then she started saying that the doctor out ranked my daughter and she now knew why I had such a bad attitude. I don't know where rank came to play at all.

The whole bunch was rude and unprofessional, if not illegal. I am glad I did not complete the transaction and do not owe them anything.

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I would really appreciate it if you would be willing to say where you did end up going instead.


Good them yanks out of town. Wait...yep, I believe every Doc has me sign paperwork prior to service...its pretty common.

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