Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I went to the Affordable Denture office in Commerce, GA. Short wait times and friendly courteous staff at first.

Then I paid, and things changed immediately. The wait times suddenly rival the VA, and the staff is now rude and don't seem to care. Good luck just getting someone to answer the phone! There isn't even voice mail, just a message that "nobody is available to take your call" and then you get hung up on.

Then when you finally do get through, they are reluctant to make appointments for adjustments. Don't even think about complaining about their attitide at the office, things then geet even worse.

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I see the same thing over and over again. Patients go to the cheapest place they can find to get dentures.

Dentures are very difficult and time consuming to make. It takes me six appointments to make good dentures, and another four for adjustments for a quality set of dentures. This is how good dentures are made.

But patients want cheap dentures. The cheaper the better, in their minds.

Buying dentures is just like buying nuts and bolts at the hardware store, or so they think. Cheap dentures mean a lot of shortcuts, and very often this means dentures that do not fit, function, or look that well.

You wanted cheap dentures, and you got cheap dentures. Hope you learned a lesson. Next time, look for an experienced dentist that owns his own practice and likes to do dentures.

Ex-military dentists are often good at this. Expect to pay at least $1500 PER DENTURE if you want dentures than are actually worth anything.

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