Monroe, Louisiana

After paying nearly 2 grand to have my teeth pulled and gettingimpressions taken for my temporary dentures, the front office didn't schedule me a return appointment, then lied and said they did but I justdidn't show up. Then they never called in to the pharmacy the pain medication the doctorprescribed!

Their staff is horrible!

The nurse made unnecessary comments about my tattoos, after shedid a terrible job attempting to make my impressions.The DOCTOR actually had to come in and do thenurse's job! These ignorant people had no problemtaking my money, but they sure had a problemwith delivering even mediocre dental care.

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was this afordable dentures on fair avenue in yakima? i was in there today and the crazy prego lady got etreamly hostile on me and was screaming across the hall at me when i went o tell the doctor what she was doing.

she was mimiking me and just acting sooo unprofecianal i almost walked out. no wonder why people are quiting there if the service is that tramatizing to the customer you can only imagine how that they act to the workers. the dentist, sorry he is not a doctor he is a dentist. he stood there letting her yell at me from down the hall.

im appalled at the service. not one person said they were sorry for what she did. call the 1-800-336-8873 and make a formal complaint . what they are doing to people is not ok .

speak up. they have no compation and we are just anouther job comming threw they want us to hurry up and leave for the next person like we have no feelings or pain. i got my teeth pulled and the dentist was not in the rest of the week and i had to go to er to get any help. one of the most tramatizing , disrespectfull place i been threw and for going threw something so horrible they could care less about you.

i left and then cried because i didnt want to cry in front of them but if you had a problem with a prego lady with short brown hair and very frumpy and rude her name is JENNIFER WRITE. MAKE A COMPLAINT ABOUT HER. SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED BECAUSE THE DENTIST NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS AND TELL HER SHE CAN NOT TREAT PEOPLE THAT WAY.

i would never treat and humiliate someone like that ever.

Karma will get here ten full im sure of it she knows she is wrong.


Could not agree more..very rude....and treat you like they are herding animals in an out. So dissappointed:(

@hurt customer

so sorry that you feel this way; staff is wonderful!!!

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