Cartersville, Georgia

I took my wife to affordable dentures in Cartersville, Ga. To have a premium upper denture made.

This has been the SLOWEST and most frustrating experience we have ever had from anyone, period! We were informed that normally the dentures would be ready in one week. However, it turned out to be three weeks before my wife was called to say that her dentures were ready.There was no follow up phone call to explain the delay or anything. After calling repeatedly day after day after day, I finally connected with a human.

We immediately made and appointment. When my wife was finally called back to be fitted the dentures were not correct. I could understand that. My wife had the dentist call me back to explain that they did not fit.

I was frustrated because we were informed that it would be one week before they would be ready. As soon as I started to complain about the long delay, the "customer no service" and additional wait time this dentist shut me down. I do not know her name, but she was a short "pudgy" black lady with glasses. She immediately told me that I was trapping her in this exam room and that I was belligerent and that she would call the police on me.

I was flabbergasted! I had not cursed or even raised my voice! My wife was scared to see this immediate threat made to me and asked me to wait in the car. What choice did I have?

She had waited three and a half weeks to get her dentures and they were still not right. We have waited a total of six weeks to get these dentures when they were promised in two weeks. My wife's mouth was sore from eating with no dentures. Naturally we were frustrated.

Who would not be? But this lady wanted to hear nothing! So, my wife is there now. We don't know if these teeth are correct or not.

I would not reccomend going to this business in the least. As I said, I found them to be rude and obnoxious. There customer service skills were nonexistent. We had already paid over $800 to this company.

We were between a rock and a hard space. Buyers beware!

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Affordable Dentures is the worst place to go to! They try shoving implants down your throat, had me to watch the video 3 times.

I told them look, I'm not here for implants, I'm here to get my teeth pulled, and then get dentures.

It was a nightmare from ***.The woman who pulled my teeth almost broke my jaw. I recommend no one go there!!!


With all due respect, you are delusional if you think a decent denture can be fabricated in one week. Try 5 or 6 appointments over a month and a half, which is my average.

You went to a place like this for one reason: you want cheap dentures.

You are complaining that the service is rude and the dentures don't fit? You made the choice.

You could have gone to a reputable dentist who owns his practice and is skilled at making dentures. Plenty of honest guys like that are around.

@Seasoned Dentist

You don't get it...people I know that have gone to AD go because they CAN'T afford a dentist charging $1500 for a set of uppers or lowers...then they get screwed by these low-lifes. It's not always a matter of being cheap.

@Seasoned Dentist

You know from the sound of you, you probably are one of their trolls it's trolling the Internet because their service is so pathetic!!! there in the business of making a killing and scamming people ,so shut the eff up!

@Seasoned Dentist

Affordable Dentures made my dentures, And now they are coming apart. Not even a yr.

old. Could not get the *** right, took them about 10 times.

Usually had to sit there all day until closing. Staff are rude after you have been there a few times, Also will not answer the phone when you call, have to call them from a different number every time you call.

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