Troy, Ohio
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I paid for premium, got junk, teeth were out of line,eye tooth in middle, teeth setting sideways, frount teeth looked like beaver.

it took 7 trips,at 126 mi each, was there at 8am, left at 4pm every time, same day service, a joke, workmanship, a joke,

affordable, NOT. when you log 882 mi.

would have been better off with hand me downs.

This was at Middletown Ohio office,you are run through like a heard of cows, they won't take time to listen to any thing you say, they just take your money and run, what a joke,

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1160.

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Called and got an appointment at the Affordable Dentures office in Covington Ga,Got in about 30 minutes early and already the place had about 50 people in the waiting room, and people kept coming. The waiting room quickly filled and people were standing and waiting outside.

And the check in line never seemed to end. There was children crying, people coughing and the smell of dirty bodies and a diaper that needed changing.No way you are going to get a decent denture with the number of people they see in a single day.

Stayed for about an hour and decided to leave and find another place in the future. This place was definitely not for me.


I walked out looking like Milton Berle with novelty teeth. Got laughed at for freaking weeks and lost a lot of friends and dignity. Buyer beware.

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