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I got my dentures 2014. I had 15 teeth pulled.

After I got my teeth pulled I could not keep the bottom dentures in. I ask the dentist and he said I don't have enough bone to keep them on. For a year I did not wear my bottom ones and now I have the ugly chin.

He put 2 post in my bottom gum and he did not put the other 2 on bottom cause he was afraid to because of not much bone. The 2 post keeps the bottoms in a little The back of bottoms go up and down and hurts my gums.

The top I can hardly keep in. Since 2014 I have not ate so many things. I have not eaten hamburg,hot dogs,bread, lunch meat Just about everything. The dentist should of told me I did not have enough bone to keep dentures in and I would not have had my teeth pulled.

I could have had them fixed for $5000.00. I though I know a lot of people who have dentures and they can eat. A few months ago I found a dentist who gave a free quote. He said he could put 4 more post in bottom near the other ones.

For $6,000 I don't have the money He said the top they just have to try a linner Which help for a little while. I had Affordable Dentures put linner in top did not help. Everytime I would go to Affordable to like fix denture if it is causing sore in mouth. They grind it down.

And these are the words I would hear when I went there. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE WE CAN DO FOR YOU. I would cry every time. Now I have put my teeth in 4 times so far today.

I eat ice cream and take my teeth out and eat twinkies. I WANT TO EAT. I want to eat. I have chronic pain.

I have had 3 surgeries on each shoulder. I have arthritis of the spine and CANT EAT FOOD.

The dentist left the location I had the work done. I don't know if he is still at Affordable Dentures I cant take this anymore

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: I cant eat.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: I dont know what they can do.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Employees.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Kept telling me there is nothing else we can do for you.

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This place "ruined your life" and you give them a five star review?


Bet many, many dentists throughout your life told you to take care of your teeth so you did not lose them. You didn't listen to them, did you?

Not everyone can wear dentures successfully. Saving at least 1 root in each quadrant and putting overdentures instead of dentures would have made all the difference in the world to you in increasing chewing ability.

But cheapskate you went to a denture mill instead of a regular dentist, and they don't make overdentures. Got what you paid for.


My medication I have to take is the reason for my teeth going bad. I am on disability so not much money.

You know this is the reason why I don't post things or have facebook is because of *** people like you. Telling me I didn't take care of my teeth and calling me a cheapskate. People like you have nothing better to do then to degrade people. You are a bully.

Get a life. If you have nothing nice to say then SHUT UP


No medicine makes teeth fall out. You went to a chop shop instead of a regular dentist.

They gave you the bad advice of extracting all your teeth.

Patients ALWAYS have more problems with lower dentures. That is why it is always wise to save a couple of lower roots.

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