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On January 19, 2010 my brother and I went to Affordable Dentures in Waco. They showed us a sample set of "Premium Dentures", which I got and my brother went with the economy set, as this was his first set of dentures.

We were fitted for the new dentures on the same day and were told to return the next day (1/20/2010) to get the new dentures.

We went back the following day and got the new dentures. They did not look anything like the sample set that was shown to us the day before.

I complained to the dentist at that time that the dentures were very loose fitting and had very rough places (debris) all over the teeth. And the 4 front teeth in the bottom as well as the top were very shape and hurt the inside of my lips.

The dentist told him to continue to wear them and return for any adjustments needed. My poor brother got the set of Dentures from "***"! They were a mess!

On January 28, 2010 after 8 days of wearing the new dentures on and off, as they were extremely painful we went back to the dentist for a possible remake.

I told the dentist again that the dentures were so loose fitting they fell around in my mouth, and that the teeth were shape in the top and bottom and one tooth was even broke. He did make a minor adjustment and ground down the broken tooth and remove some of the junk/debris that was stuck to the dentures but done nothing about the loose/ill fitting dentures or the razor sharp teeth in the front top and bottom.

He told me they are supposed to be like that I should keep wearing them and return for further adjustments! (You can't adjust loose fitting or sharp teeth in the dentures).

On January 29, 2010 I called their office regarding a refund and was told they do not give refunds. The dentist stated to keep coming into the office for free adjustments for up to 60 days.

**Adjustments WILL NOT take care of these problems with the very poor quality and improper fitting dentures that have a broken teeth and foreign debris stuck to them!

On February 26, 2010 I called the office again to ask for a refund and was treated with no respect at all. They were very rude to me.

The dentures were not made correctly and were make from a very poor quality material with broken/discolored teeth. The only way to fix them is a total remake.

I am here to tell you, this place DOES NOT CARE about ANYTHING but YOUR MONEY!! "Quality" means absolutely nothing to them. Once they get your money you are treated like trailer trash after that! The dentist (as some may call him) is a rude, arrogant "Piece of Work").

I know so many people are trying to save their hard earned money by getting dentures and dental work at a cheaper price but this is NOT the place to go! I saved for two years to get the money for these dentures; all I have now is a CRAPY, POOR quality set of dentures that I can't even wear!

Monetary Loss: $995.

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Please can you suggest someplace other to go? I have been saving and the last two were places I went were over 10 thousand.

I can't afford that. Thanks Noel


Why do that place sale u denture that no good an take your money if I go there if I pay my money I don't won't no bad dentures I am going to give them *** till they fix my denture right are give my money back


The reason you get your dentures at such a cheap cost is cause AffordableDentures screws their employees bad. I have been with Affordable for over 5 years now, with little to no thankx for my talents as a lab tech or my speed. We produce roughly 10-20 sometimes 30 dentures a day between $400-1250 a set depending on style. Yet you know what i get on salary? 32k as a lab tech and thats with bonuses! Add the *** benefits packet to that i might make a total of 36-38k a year if you even use the insurance at all. Which i dont. So lets take 20 sets at average of $600 a set, thats 12k a day. we are open on average lets say 200 work days in a year. so 12k times 200 is 2.4 mill a year. So yea, real close figure cause we made 2.2 last year. We have 2 dentist, 2 desk ax, 3 assistants and 4 lab members but only 2 of us are full technicians. So 11 employees in all. Now lets exclude the dentist and say 9 employees times 32k a year is only $288,000. So either the dentist are over payed, which i know there not cause even the 2nd doc is *** about pay. So lets give the docs 200k each a year. Still thats only 688k total and thats saying both docs make A-lot. Still where is the remaining 1.7 million???? So take what ever number you want from that for over head??? and you got your numbers, now times that by 150+ labs. Still this company is makeing way to much for me to be this under-paid, under-rated and over-looked. To top it off you cant dicuss your pay with each other, so who do you talk to when your regional manager never comes around and when he does all he says is shoot me an email which i have already done with a laughable response. a 2% pay increase!!!!!!! 2 percent for 5 hard working years. O by the way i make 32k NOW!!! thats after that pay raise LOL.

What sucks the most is there are only 3 labs in this town, so to advance my career i need to move, but how do you save anything too move with a wife and 2 kids on 32k salary????? Wish i had never started with them or atleast asked for more money to start with. Untill then as an employee i would say stay away from them, seriously all they want is your money $$$$ they could give a *** less about you as a patient. But still we employees dont get that money so being underpayed like this makes me as a person not care about the patient, all i want to do is finish my work and go home. There once was a time when i loved my career and helping people but untill i get out from under affordables boot thats just a dream.

So Basicly thats what happens to the quality at affordable, they ruin good workers to the point where they dont care cause they are over worked bad and like stated before way underpayed. If they where to start paying their employees what they are worth, odds of it are you would get way better quality dentures and service.

So on your next visit mention this fact maybe even print it and post it on their wall and we might get our point across pleaseing both us employees to better serve and please you the patients...

@Angry Affordable Employee

ya its so sad that corp.greed has got to the point its at. the only thing that they understand , to change them is pichforks & torches! sorry to say that but it seems true.

@Angry Affordable Employee

So you screw over the costumers cause you job sucks....Bravo


Ive had upper dentures forever. Had to get bottom ones.

My top ones keep breaking. Ive been back three times they charge me $80.oo or more and say there fixed. Then they told me i would have too get a new set if they broke again. I went 20yrs with my old ones.

They say dentures only last 5 yrs.

I say thier full of it!!!!!!!!! :(


Affordable Dentures in Toledo, OH is just as bad. They recently made my mother a set of dentures, and they resemble something you could have pulled out of the dumpster.

Their staff is rude as ***, and the dentist is all about money.

I would not recommend them to worst enemy. Larry McLuaghlin DDS has no right to treat people the way he does being a Dentist does not make you GOD!!!!!


Jan, I read your comments in regards to 1 out of 1000 getting a good experience...try writing, 1 out of 1000 getting a bad experience..are you kidding me? The services these docs provide each and everyday are great..just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean that everyone else will...no one ever posts the facts, just the B.S...I had a great experience w/ the Affordable Dentures here in Waco, TX and will send as many people I can refer to them!!!! As for you getting your money back, this isn't a Walmart process..***, you can't even get your money back if your wore a pair of shoes for one day and tried to return them..for God's sake, get a life and spend the 3 thousand dollars if you can afford it for a non-crappy set if you feel that way!!!!!

John S.

@Another Satisfied Customer!

John S. I am thinking of taking my mom there can you tell me a little bit more about your experience Please.


The problem with all of these complaint sites is that you never hear the good stuff. If you all actually realized that this company has been in business for 30yrs and has over 150 offices you would think they must be doing something right. You never hear all of the good stuff from the thousands of satisfied customers. Only the bad experiences are discussed like why couldn't I get my denture the sameday. Heck Why can't they do it in an hour. ....

I find it amazing to see all of these ridiculous negative comments regarding Affordable Dentures. Each office is owned and operated by a single dentist. As we all know dentists, like any other professions, have varying degrees of expertise. The Affordable Denture offices specialize in making dentures and extracting teeth. The doctors do more of these in a day then most General Dentists do in a month--making most of the Affordable Denture doctors very good at what they do. Most of the offices will do multiple try ins in wax to fine tune the dentures to patient specifications. Sometimes this requires one to give up 1-3 days with the office to get a new set that will be perfect in cosmetics and function for 10+years. In a general dentist office you can get a similar set, but it will require 4-6 appointments and about 4 weeks turn around time. So you can get a set in 1-3 days with Affordable Dentures or pay 4 times as much money and get a set in 4 weeks with a general dentist. The problem with most of you is that you have unrealistic expectations and you love to complain. You let your teeth rot in your mouth without picking up a tooth brush ever and you blame it on a car accident, or inheriting from your parents ("soft teeth"), or pregnancy, or other dentists messing up your mouth. In 99.9% of all cases its you who has completely neglected your mouth and now you blame the dentist (especially the Affordable Dentures dentist). He or she is only trying to HELP you. A denture is a prosthetic in your mouth, similar to a prosthetic leg. So it is mandatory to be patient and adapt to this. Keep in mind Affordable Dentures gives you 2 months to do this. They will do unlimited free adjustments during this time to help you adapt. Many times they will remake a perfectly good set of dentures if you whine enough. Many times they won't ever charge you for adjustments even after 60 days. Try getting 2 months of free adjustments from your general dentist in private practice.



--A very satisfied patient of Affordable Dentures over the years.


Out of 1,000 people one person might have a good experience. I too had bad teeth from them, huge teeth and gums and I've worn dentures for over 20 years.

I turned them into the Attorney General in the State of Mn. Went to a new dentist and he even called Affordable Dentures. Guess what??? I got my money back yesterday.

Fight back. People are tired of getting screwed with their pants on. By the way I am 65 and not a whiner. Why pay for *** service and dentures.

The first thing people notice are your eyes and smile and who wants to smile with donkey teeth. Get real.


I have never been to such a place where they treat patients with such respect and welcome you with open arms. Unfortunately, I have seen other customers curse at the staff and the dentists thinking they can get away with it.

I'm sure if you go back, you'd be treated with respect and fairness. Their is a reason why this practice is sooo BUSY....dentures are not the easiest things to get along with!!!

Stop whining..I've had a great experience there!!!!! They would do anything to help you!!!!!!


The Dentists at the Waco, TX location care dearly for their patients and have a wonderful staff w/ a big heart. It's unfortunate that some slander and post false comments just because may not have gotten their way.

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