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This establishment caused irreparable damage to me emotionally. I was horrified when the denture cast ( HARD ) got stuck in my mouth.

The hard cast was because the tech kept trying to force me to take home dentures that didn't fit. They were bulky, and didn't fit right. The tech was very aggressive and kept telling me that I was use to my dentures ( had for 4 years ) and that I wasn't going to get use to theirs until I had them for awhile. I advised her the ones in my mouth were my second set, so I should know how dentures look and feel in your mouth.

She was so rude and demanding that I asked for someone else to talk to. She then said hold on were going to start fresh. Then she became more demanding with me to the point I told her I wasn't taking those home. She left to go file them down more ( where they didn't even stay in place ) She not only publicly humiliated me by telling other workers that I shouldn't complain because they were giving me premium teeth.

She then becomes more aggressive after I refused to take them home. She sends in another tech who decides that a hard cast is needed to get them to fit my mouth. it got stuck in my mouth, so she proceeds to use her fingernails to try to dislodge them from my mouth. I am screaming and crying and my daughter (9) was ushered into the waiting room because she was hysteric and told to stop crying and calm down.

No staff member stayed with my daughter, she was left in a room full of strangers. After trying for several minutes ( myself & tech ) to remove them while I am gagging and trying to vomit the tech tells me that I don't want the doctor to come in implying that he was going to make things worse for me. Finally the doctor came in with novocaine to deadend my mouth so they could free them. The whole time he is telling me to calm down and asking the tech why they would do this.

My 9 yr old was finally allowed to come back and I consoled her and said we're leaving. The tech told me to sit back down they would be done in a minute. I advised her I wasn't staying that I had been through enough for the day. She then tells me to come back the next day at 3:30 the next day.

I immediately called my insurance provider and asked them to refuse to pay the claim as I did not get my dentures. What saddens me most is that other unsuspecting people will be subjected to this kind of unprofessionalism and cruelty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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Nightmare company. Crooks basically.


My immediate denture does not fit properly. Even with swelling from the extractions, they keep falling out.

The roof pallet does not fit against the roof of my mouth. My bottom teeth don't touch the top teeth. They touch the roof plate. I constantly *** I was told by the assistant it was my fault for biting the wax mold wrong.

I have to return next week to redo the molds. The teeth are also big, giving me a "Mr Ed" look.

Not happy with the denture. No complaint with the rest of the device, yet.

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