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I went to Affordable Dentures (cartersville Ga) in April for consultation i initially went in because i wanted them ALL extracted and full dentures...the DR of the practice informed me that she would not do that that i was to young i told her they are MY TEETH! and i'm tired of the molars tooth ache can't eat what i want its a hassel i want them all gone..

she flat out refused! i said well i need some of these molars removed asap! i have limited income i'm 26 with two toddlers this was my ONLY choice several members of my family have gotten their dentures at affordable dentures but never this particular office i should of made the extra hr drive to the chattanooga office....i drove 1 1/2 hrs to this cartersville location to be lied to hurt severly and felt very umcomfortable! we were LITERALLLY on an assembly line!

after she refused full dentures she Suggested implants i asked how much they were she said 1500 a tooth HA NO WAY i told her thats y i was at "affordable dentures" not reg dentist office if i had the money to pay out like that i wouldn't be there....she said thats what she suggest but she can do i agreed...i went back the next week and paid them 2300 for 8 extractions 7 of them were complex so they were 135 each and the simple one was 85 and all that was after the $75 Xray charge! i went in at 9 am got my mold done and had to return at 2pm....all day long two i went in with about 8 other ppl they put us all in chairs with open rooms you can hear all the dremels and racket goin on in all the other rooms all around all the nurses talking about other patients and what not very very uncomfortable....i've never had an extraction in my life i had all my teeth including my wisdom teeth i was terrified!nurse comes in doesn't expain anything to me has 4 giant q tips and says "open" i open she inserts them and rubs my gums it starts to BURN i can't talk to where she can understand me she tells me the dr will be in in few min....20 or so min later dr comes in with the NEEDLE! i tell her that my mouth burns and is not numb any more she said its ok i will be after a few shots! i felt every single shot into my mouth!

EXTREMLY PAINFUL!! my heart rate sky rocketed my hands and feet were trembling after the 1st two shots she could tell my anxiety was rising she just told me to breath slowly! i took the pain i had tears in my eyes and she continued to break out my top teeth i had 3 removed from top and 5 from bottom on both sides so my whole face/mouth/chin/lips/throat all numb! but i could still feel the pressure and paiN!

i told her several times i feel that in the nerve i can't take the pain! she said that if i couldn't let her finish i would have to go to oral surgeon i told her i didn't ahve the money for that so i closed my eyes and hung in there best i could! she then couldn't get out one of my bottom molars so she got a drill and had to cut into my jaw bone then told me afterwords that it would take extra time for that to heal that it damaged it a bit!!!!! She did NOT keep the suction thing in my mouth i swallowed so much blood i was soooo nausiated when i left and the last thing i wanted to do was vomit!

She inserted my top plate it fit fine,....but the bottom didn't work at all! so i'm having to go two weeks without a bottom plate and large gapping holes! i can't hardly eat much! can't go back for another wweek and half for bottom plate which i have to go in at 9am and mold then back at 2 and HOPE my bottom plate is fixed this go around....GAHHH sooo frustrated!

although the one thing i can compliment them on is they do not hesitate to perscribe pain meds and antibiotics alot of drs will just tell u to take otc meds!

although my jaws are extremly sore and bruised i had very very little swelling from the extractions but i can say i will NEVER EVER let them ever extract anything ever again and i don't urge anyone else to go there ever! they treat u like an assembly line don't treat u with any compasion at all

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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thanks for the heads up...i will pay full price and go to a more caring facility.

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