North Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I was going to the Williston office In south Burlington Vermont. I had some very painful extractions done i the front of my mouth so badly i thought he was ripping my nose out and my eyes hurt.

I tolerated this got my temp partial with 4 teeth on it two broke off two weeks later this office refused to fix it . Some where this Doctor got a message I was refusing treatment with out warning or disguising this matter with me professionally he kicked me out of his office and I cannot afford to go somewhere else. He sent me a partial check for only a little of the services rendered and will not allow me back. I have asked for an explanation he will not speak to me just tells his assistants to inform me to go somewhere else end of story .

I spent a lot of time and money now I'm still 6 years later living with missing teeth and a temp. partial plate. I've attempted several times to speak to him to find out what this was all about he refuses to talk.

This is a poor service that sucks people in for false hopes and in public with embarrassment with their appearance when they smile or speak. Its been very hard with low income come up with the money to get the work done again that I did not get back.

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With that said, the dentist himself was very kind to me there, the staff that work along with him on the other hand, especially that receptionist, are very very nasty and rude.


they banned me for telling them off when I complained about being in pain because I told them off... I went to a local place that operates on a slide and almost have my permanents and they are so decent there...

and you know exactly what I mean by knowing the "feeling" of that place just by the tone of that receptionist's voice. I have to nail file my teeth to look semi decent, but I hate that place and would never let me back there.

I had to call for quotes even though I had no intention of going there and she was just as nasty as the first time. the ER actually was shocked they'd give such a weak painkiller after ripping out all of my teeth

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