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Went for a relining in May. Everything went great. They relined my dentures and they fit perfect. Bottom ones are loose, but they do never fit right from what a lot of people tell me. The uppers are starting to give me trouble, but I\'ll just go in. They also let you walk right in. You don\'t have to make an appointment.

Other places you\'d have to call them to schedule an appointment that could be 2 months away and you sit there with pain when eating to loose fitting dentures.

Again, I\'ve seen other reviews that were negative. Affordable Dentures seems to be a place by place business. Some people may have an awful experience, some people like me, have a great experience.

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In October 2010, I had both upper and lower teeth removed. I spent several months going around to denture places, but none of them seemed pleasing enough and I felt they only cared about my money and not the perfect smile I was wanting back.

I found out about Affordable Dentures through a waitress at a breakfast joint, who had gotten her dentures. I went there and their receptionist was nice, and sweet. They took me back and gave me several models of dentures and pricing plans. As well as payment options.

These people were the most nicest and caring that I've dealt with in a long time in the dentistry field. After I picked my plan and payment option, they did molding. Afterwards they told me they would call me if there are any issues or if my teeth are ready for pickup. They called me 2 hours later to come and pick up my teeth and it cost me only $1,100. Other places I could have gotten the same teeth, paid up front around $2,500 and waited 4-6 weeks for my dentures to be made and delivered.

I've seen other reviews. I've had bad experiences with dentists. I had one earlier this year with Aspen Dental. Not everyone experiences the same through things in life. I really do reccomend Affordable Dentures to anyone looking for cheap and fast service and friendly and caring individuals.

I've also been in several times since to be fitted and adjusted and those appointments were free of charge.

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I don't see the location of this Dallas office. Sounds like a great experience!

I would drive for hours to get to a place that was this nice. I drive 45 minutes to get to A.D. in Mesquite with Dr Blair. I have been there for three visits.

I am due back today to pick up my second set of temporary dentures. So, far they have been cordial but I get the feeling they are all very inexperienced and it scares me. Dr Blair told us that he has been in practice for three years and yet when I looked up his license in the ADA it says he got his rank in 07/02/2012, just over a year ago. He strikes me more as a shy person and definitely could use more people skills.

His lab techs make me feel like I am a "guinea pig" that they are still learning from. Even though, Dr Blair left my gums looking like they have been hacked at by a butcher, I like him and feel forgiving towards him, I am more worried about how successful the comfort and look of my dentures will turn out, and I did end up in the (emergency room the day of the extractions). This temporary set makes my smile unrecognizable and my family is not happy with that. I am hoping that with patience, I will end up with what I am praying for.

I hope I am not being too easy on them and at the same time don't want to seem ungrateful if I am left unhappy with my permanent dentures.

I wish Dr Blair much success, however from what I have seen, he has a long ways to go. A good reputation can be a long time in the making but a bad one can happen over night.


I wish I had read this review before I went to Aspen Dental to have my insurance maxed out plus a lot of money out of pocket and still no dentures I can use. Aspen has ruined my life as I can go out and eat in public.

I go to my car to eat

lunch at work. It is the most horrible experience I have ever had.

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