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Its been 2 months since I got my last set of permanent dentures and they are still as bad as the first set they made. I still cannot eat with the teeth, they hurt on the bottoms and I am still having to take them out and put in the temporary set to eat.

I am completely disgusted with the office as the Dentist on my last visit had an \"attitude\" and seemed to not know what else to do, so in other words its my loss because they want to charge for any adjustments that have to be done but I am not wasting anymore money with them. Will have to try another Dentist office when I can afford to have a completely new set of Dentures re-made.

Original review posted by user Jun 18, 2012

I have been going to and fro the Tampa office of Affordable Dentures for 2 yrs. Had teeth extracted and the temperory denture made.

I had to make a few trips back and forth as swellings went down for some minor adjustments which I did not mind. Problem started when they said you can finally have the permanent one made, I thought to myself.....at last! I live in Pinellas Park and with gas prices it was not easy to keep going to and fro Tampa so often. The horrors began.

Could not eat anything with the teeth and Dentist did not seem to know what to do. I could not understand what was going on because I could even *** ice with the temporary one I had. They tried to make some adjustments......still could not even eat a biscuit, they remade another one....same problem up and down every other week ...still can't eat anything.

Spent $3,055.00 total and do not have a denture that I can eat with, I have to take out the permanent one and put in the temporary one to eat and pray to God that it does not break. I will now have to save some money and have it redone at a different Dentist office closer to home.

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I had a tooth extraction and mini implants placed by Dr Hackney on 4-7-17. The office was busy but I felt like I was treated other than just a number.

I felt that Dr Hackney listened to me and come up with a game plan moving forward. I felt that the prices were fair and certainly well below what I was quoted at another dentist. The procedure was painless, and I received a follow up call the next day to check on me. I do have more work to come, but I feel like me and Dr Hackney have built a foundation moving forward.

I had a terrible experience with a different dentist before I went to see Dr Hackney. I was treated terribly, the outcome was horrible, and of course I had pre-paid.

I wanted to submit this review of Dr Hackney so others might be able to benefit. They have changed my life and I am able to smile again


THEY ARE RIPOFFS>>>> DO NOT GO TO Affordable dentures, on Florida ave, in Tampa. I have had extractions through the years by Dr.

Hackney who is a wonderful extraction expert. For tooth extraction they are great...

However, they offer 4 different level packages. They sold me the ULTRA package for $2,200... All anybody needs is maybe their middle package for $750?

They are refunding me OVER $1,400 They had me sign paperwork when I was under the influence and in their chair. They had removed my glasses and I signed the paperwork that was shoved in my face....


Affordable is where a technician and dentists start out first with the dental business The ones who stay at affordable never get any better or practice bad customer service no patient satisfaction Oh yeah and no refunds


OMG this is horrible!! Your temporary teeth are probably smaller than your permanent ones is why you can eat better with them..I too have been thru quite the Odyssey with affordable dentures..I made several trips the first year to ghet temps sawd down or relined, my perms are too darn big, my poor upper lip is stretched like those bush people who put a big plate in the lip!

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