Tallahassee, Florida

The front desk clerk kicked me out as I disagree with rudeness and biases against people of other culture and the elderly, I tried to protect my integrity The clerk send me to another dentist Dr. Seasholtz) he has moved.

Hope this text will be review by Dr. Amundson to realize the person/s who works for him is not the right ones.They are damaging the reputation of his company. I ask their names she threatened me call the police. What a shame!!

has to go through this no nonsense!!. Please Dr.

Amundson do something for the benefit of your customers?


Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dr. Amundson does not own this fleabag joint, he is just a pawn of the corporate owners.

You wanted cheap dentures, and you get the cheap service that goes with it.

Wise up and quit being such a cheapskate. Go to a regular dentist in private practice.


People that go to these "fleabag joints" can't afford to go anywhere else. That is why they go there. Telling them to stop being a cheapskate and go to a regular dentist, is not helpful to them at all.

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