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I went to Affordable Dentures because it was recommended to me as a good place to get dentures. This was at Gainesville, Fl.

I had 11 teeth extracted, and had a temporary plate placed in same day. Wore this for my year, so gums could heal etc. Than in Oct. 2014, I returned for my permanent plate.

These are worse than my temporary plate, don't fit, so I use paste. Was told they can't make me a good fit, because the roof of my mouth is to narrow. Yet they do an impression, for the fit. So why not???

So I'm wearing the plate, i did go back to have some trimmed off, as it was rubbing at the top, way to high, up next to my upper lip area. Got that fixed I guess as good as they could make them fit. Than I was eating a cheese nip cracker and I heard them crack. A little cracker, nothing hard, like they questioned me.

So i checked and sure enough, I had a crack behind tooth number 8, went across the plate. So i go back up, which is a 70 mile drive for us, one way. Was told this can happen, but within 3 months. I even bought the most expensive plate, what would happen with the cheap one.??

So i left my plate, so they could repair it only, they say!!! Had to spend my day finding something to do, since no way were we going to go back home and return. Was told to be there for 2:00. Got there around 1:15.

and I was first one to sign in than. But my husband questioned them as to why they broke so soon. Upset them, so they made me wait till after 5, I was last one they took back to see dentist. You can't tell me, my plate was last one to come in to them, they did this on purpose, so no-one would hear him letting them know how we feel about them.

So i try them on, and they had made a mess of them, sharp edges, where it was never any before. Rubbed my gum sore now. So we're thinking of contacting a lawyer to see what can be done about them. Sure not a very good place, and we most certainly would never send anyone else there.

I'm not only one who was upset with them...several others had to sit and wait, but had signed in before some folks they took back. Girl kept saying they go by how they come back from lab, that is a joke. If yours were one of the first ones out, why would they be the last to come back. I was also under the impression they fix them right there, so what is with how lab sends them back and surely they don't bring one at a time back to them.

Most likely mine was fixed early, since it wasn't making a plate, only repair it which never should have had to be done within 3 months. My teeth are so rough now also, weren't before, so I think they messed them up on purpose.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $975.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentures.

  • worst company
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Case #5001: Patient goes to the cheapest place to get dentures because they don't want to spend money. Patient can't wear the cheap dentures once they are finished.

Patient blames the clinic, which can only make *** dentures for the low fee the patient wants to pay. Patient never realizes that decent dentures take 5 or 6 appointments to construct, and cost 3 times what they want to pay, in order to fabricate them with no shortcuts.

I have seen this movie for over 30 years, and if I live long enough, I will probably see it for 30 more years.

@Seasoned Dentist

I was recommended to go here for dentures by a dentist in my area... I have insurance & went with a top plan...

I have a temporary one & yes in a year I will get a perm. one. New to the state & again going on a dentist referral. So I didnt go for cheap per-say.

My problems seem to just be starting at the gainesville area. 1st I will say that this is not my 1st go round with dentures, I will say that instead of using (the typical) impression materials, they used a soft wax & my new temp denture isnt fitting & is crooked. I believe that it is due to the soft wax impression which will obviously move as its (soft wax).

Mine for sure will need to be remade. I've already paid so I'm scared about what Im in for.

@Seasoned Dentist

Not everyone can Afford good dental care and if you're on SS, it's even harder. If you are Credit challenged, there is No financial options.

SO............many of us have No choice but to endure poor quality work by greedy DDS. What's your solution????

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