Paris, Tennessee

I had a very bad experience with affordable dentures, I went without teeth for over 3 years because I couldn`t afford them, and my neighbors took up a collection to buy a plate for the top and a partial for $610.00, I went to affordable dentures because they were the only ones that would do it for that, the partial is great but I have never been able to wear the top plate and I tried to tell them they were to big for my mouth but they said I would get use to them and I tried I went back for a readjustment and they said I would be charged for another plate and I couldn`t afford it so I have no top plate because they would not correct what they did and make a smaller and thinner plate, I don`t understand taking advantage of the poor, they should have stood behind their work and redone them at their expense.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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