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dentures fit ok right at first. every time we went in for reline a i woulod see a differernt "denturist", so problems with fit that were fixed before would re appear because of lack of communication.

the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. went from bad to worse. the last one to try to work on my dentures said that the pink material on the lower should extend down farther, so inother word she dis agreed with her boss who was the one that made the first dentures at first. she added so much more, she WAY OVER DID IT.

and i could feel a big gap all the way around the bottom set between my gum & the pink material, upper & lower were loose & were uncomfortable even hurt to wear. i did not let them finish fit them because it was so far off there is no way they could have salvaged that mess, they would have had to start all over & redo the entire reline by a different poerson because that *** just had her own idea of how it should be done which was out of the question. i was so mad that i thought about throwing them out the window on the way home. the dentures were useless.

so i modified them with a dremel and a heat gun. heat gun because i had to bend them in places. i had no success on the lower. so they would say i ruined them.

well they were already shot so nothing lost, nothing gained on the lower. but the upper: i was able to get them to fit good enough to wear for looks so i dont have to go around looking toothless. i cant use them for eating, just looks, and that works alright. prior to me improving the upper it was also useless, i could not wear it even for appearance.

i couldn't talk right, after the modifications, talking is better. if i went to a clinic that was any good i would not have had to do anything to the dentures, they would have either fit right or the clinic would have made the required adjustments and then they would fit like a glove or better and i'd be able to eat, talk with them and they would look good too, but you just are not likely to get that level of quality at a clinic like this. you'll save a lot of time & $$$$ if you just go to a good place & pay more to start. and the reply to Joe Henry by the person from Boisie: he asked why Joe would want to yank out all of his teeth anyway?

well because that was what was needed. i called Joe & talked to him.

my wife & i were the same, most of the teeth were not worth putting $$$ into ( in some instances, more than once per tooth at an average cost of $1500) i figured if i pull most of my teeth why leave a few? mine are ALL gone so now me or my wife will never again have another toothache, never have to spend a ton of $$$$$$$ on teeth

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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this is "affordable" dentures in yakima, wa. i thought this was a thread on the subject of affordable dentures in yakima, but when i finished & posted the comment, i could see that no one would know who the clinic was so i added this to *** dentures comment.

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