Rochester, New York

I was far from home for a class reunion. While at the hotel I noticed a crack in my dentures.

Afraid they would break before the reunion I found an affordable denture a few miles away. they did the impression and told me to pick them up early next morning. That would be perfect, new dentures and no embarrassing incident after not seeing my classmates in 15 years. When I picked them up they were so thin in the gums you could see through them.

Dentist was very nice. He told me to come back Monday so he could try again. I explained I couldn't do that, I had to catch a flight on Sunday to fly home. He then said find an office near by when you get home.

He explained they could snap at any time. He said he would not keep them. I did as he said. The Dentist near home looked at them and said they're fine, but we will refund your money.

I did not complain. Think I was too shocked after he said these paper thin dentures were fine. The next day I received a call from the main office telling me I was barred from affordable dentures any where in the country. They didn't need to, I would never have gone back.

I have told every Family member, friend, and coworker this story. They will NEVER go to Affordable Dentures!!!

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Glenda M

I am such a bad tooth grinder ha ha that I ground through my last nightguard in 2-days. My denture, after adjustments from Affordable Dentures did have clear spots.

My dental assistant, an avid grinder like I am said that the clear spots were not weaker. I have ground on these temporary dentures for 6 months now and have not broken them yet!

Insofar as you recommended spankings, perhaps you should read the *** Victorian Poem that the line "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child" came from. It is about spanking women and is very sexual. Many people think that spanking is in the bible which comes from the Talmud.

I have graduate degrees in religion. Eastern and Western. Accredited Univerisities, not by mail. lol.

No spanking in the bible, just in kinky repressed poetry from the 1700's. That is why spanking is illegal. It causes much anger and violence in society.

They offered to replace your teeth even though they were acceptable. If you were angry perhaps this is why you were banned.


lol...seems awful harsh that they would bar you for life for thier mistake but I believe it! I found the receptionist at the Cedar Rapids office to be a pretty snooty little gal who probably should have been spanked often as a child..My initial treatment there was not bad, the extractions went ok, after I took my prescribed anxiety pill they told me NOT to take!

I did anyway, I knew it was going to be scary, my problem with this company is..we are humans who come to them with our dental needs, we have limited income but we get paper thin dentures, I can see thru my top plate, we get herded in and out like kids at recess, My bottoms have been super glued by my husband they didn't last over two years, it was two years this month. I hope to recover from my afflictions caused by my ill fitting too large teeth and wish to god I had known it was what caused my TMJ and subsequent other symptoms..what can I do??

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