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I had a new top denture made Jan 17,2011. They don't make me look like I did before.They had made a denture before that I was very pleased with.

I was told today that they looked good. They don't! I have worn dentures for 14 years. This is the only denture I have not been happy with.

I will never refer anyone I know to your company for any dental work, not even a cleaning!The ladies in the office were very pleasant.

The dentist did not impress me at all. It was like I didn't know what I was talking.

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Receptionist Mandy is very rude. This in lincoln Nebraska.

I felt sorry for another man that came in on the wrong date...she talked to him like he was a kid. They should be ashamed!


Thanks for the info. That guy in the fourth row needed self storage in Toronto, but didn't get it.

What will happen to him now?

Choose his fate! The all knew version of life cereal that has everyone galloping for more.


Bad service where do i start. I am an Australian and just had a crack in my denture.

Conroe store made me buy a whole new one and when i said no one is to go near my bottom teeth the dentist gave me a filthy look and turned very sour . The website on google plus said they are open till 5pm but its really 4.25pm and now i have dentures that are all out of line on the teeth and biting down hard on my bottom teeth which is sure to destroy them alot quicker. We call this revenue raisning in Australia and it is illegal by consumer law. I then told them i couldnt make it back to the office until 4 or after no one said dont bother we will be closed so drove 40 miles for nothing to then go back the next day as i am travelling and they let me wait an hour and 30mins to then say i wont be seen until 2pm.

Totally stuffing my holiday up and i said cant you please help me as there was a major electrical storm in houston the day before which meant i couldnt get back until 425pm and you were closed so come on please just give me my teeth, you were quick to take my money. The dentist raised his voice and said no im not going to help so i raised my voice and said please mate just help me out and his reply was , CALL THE POLICE. OH my god. what is wrong with you mate call the police what for because im a dissatisfied customer and want what i paid for are you serious.

What a joke for service and disrespectful way to treat people . I then walked outside and a customer followed me who witnessed everything and said dont worry im an ex marine and i can tell the police you did nothing wrong . How am i suppossed to not think this is a deliberate way to get more money out of me , i just wanted the crack in my existing denture fixed .

I have had my dentures for 8 years and never had a problem until now after their no communication has now ruined my whole holiday and my expirience of american medical service . the old saying you get what you pay for is an understatement.


The lab techs with 5 yrs experience generally make $20 + /hr. As an Employee of Affordable you get 2 weeks paid vacation, plus 11 paid holidays.

You have a high school diploma, most techs in Affordables system are trained with in or go to a 1yr technical training. You are salaried not hourly and you are paid afull day even when you work 2 hours.

Most lab employees are finished in 6 hrs but are paid for 8hrs.oh, and did I mention the bonuses that busy practices pay? I'm thinking, its not such a bad gig.


I am an employee at the columbia office. I love all my patients that.

I work with but am very troubled by the company I work for. They have no compassion for us. We are an extremely busy office and I am at the *** of tears everyday at this job. This would be a wonderful place to work if I got paid for as hard as I work!

Being there for as long as I have I feel used and abused!

Hopefully something else comes around for me and my family! :cry :(


I am in a similar situation. I went in for an adjustment on my bottom denture because of having to have my tore bone shaved and they put a soft liner on it and crammed it in my mouth, did not line up AT ALL with my top ones.

I told them these are not right at all and the girl said "it's just because you won't relax your face." My whole bottom face, chin area pokes out, bottom denture protrudes so far out from top that I have a hard time talking much less trying to eat..this is only a little sample of what I have gone through since 11/23/10. In 1997 I got my 1st top dentures from same place (different staff of course)the 1st temp was too big for my small mouth so they redid it..and my permanents turned out great and lasted me for 12-13 yrs.

Why can't they REDO this bottom one so I can have comfortable teeth back in my mouth for the next 3 months while I wait for my permanents? :cry :(


I hate employees like you. You forgot to tell everyone that it takes less than two years at a technical school to become lab tech.

There are many college grads that don't make as much money as you. Why don't you just go and start your own dental practice that way you can make the big bucks...not so easy eh!


The reason you get your dentures at such a cheap cost is cause AffordableDentures screws their employees bad. I have been with Affordable for over 5 years now, with little to no thankx for my talents as a lab tech or my speed. We produce roughly 10-20 sometimes 30 dentures a day between $400-1250 a set depending on style. Yet you know what i get on salary? 32k as a lab tech and thats with bonuses! Add the *** benefits packet to that i might make a total of 36-38k a year if you even use the insurance at all. Which i dont. So lets take 20 sets at average of $600 a set, thats 12k a day. we are open on average lets say 200 work days in a year. so 12k times 200 is 2.4 mill a year. So yea, real close figure cause we made 2.2 last year. We have 2 dentist, 2 desk ax, 3 assistants and 4 lab members but only 2 of us are full technicians. So 11 employees in all. Now lets exclude the dentist and say 9 employees times 32k a year is only $288,000. So either the dentist are over payed, which i know there not cause even the 2nd doc is *** about pay. So lets give the docs 200k each a year. Still thats only 688k total and thats saying both docs make A-lot. Still where is the remaining 1.7 million???? So take what ever number you want from that for over head??? and you got your numbers, now times that by 150+ labs. Still this company is makeing way to much for me to be this under-paid, under-rated and over-looked. To top it off you cant dicuss your pay with each other, so who do you talk to when your regional manager never comes around and when he does all he says is shoot me an email which i have already done with a laughable response. a 2% pay increase!!!!!!! 2 percent for 5 hard working years. O by the way i make 32k NOW!!! thats after that pay raise LOL.

What sucks the most is there are only 3 labs in this town, so to advance my career i need to move, but how do you save anything too move with a wife and 2 kids on 32k salary????? Wish i had never started with them or atleast asked for more money to start with. Untill then as an employee i would say stay away from them, seriously all they want is your money $$$$ they could give a *** less about you as a patient. But still we employees dont get that money so being underpayed like this makes me as a person not care about the patient, all i want to do is finish my work and go home. There once was a time when i loved my career and helping people but untill i get out from under affordables boot thats just a dream.

So Basicly thats what happens to the quality at affordable, they ruin good workers to the point where they dont care cause they are over worked bad and like stated before way underpayed. If they where to start paying their employees what they are worth, odds of it are you would get way better quality dentures and service.

So on your next visit mention this fact maybe even print it and post it on their wall and we might get our point across pleaseing both us employees to better serve and please you the patients...

@Angry Affordable Employee

been with company 5 years. feel exact same way, you nailed it, exactly what i would say


I have to say I agree with you, the ladies in the office (except the receptionist) are wonderful to deal with. I had 8 teeth on my top gum removed....they had to redo my *** impression 4 times since my mouth was so small so I guess this was my fault somehow, now I'm fairly young to have dentures...and I figured I wouldnt get the most plesant experience but never did I imagine I would miss 3 days of work, i could not feel the bone spurs when they fit my immediate denture in but she pushed so hard and I screeched in pain because i knew something wasnt right...then the lady who fit me tells me after the swelling goes down it will fit...well later that night i couldnt even where the denture out of the office I was gagging and choking it was so big and did not fit even with cream on it.

I call that afternoon and tell them I feel a piece of tooth or something in my gum and im in a huge amount of pain they tell me to come in at 730 the next morning and if I am there at that time they will get me right back and adjusted so i can get to work by 830...of course when I tell the receptionist (and I know she was the one I spoke with the day before that promised me this) she swears up and down no one in that office would EVER tell me that... so still in a huge amount of pain, I end up having an asthma attack and have to go back home losing my place in line. Luckily, they listened to my fiance and agreed to see me at 130 that day EVEN though the receptionist told me 4 times there was nothing she could do. Anyway, I show the unpleasant doctor each side of my mouth I feel the pain one side he says is a sore (probably where he jabbed me with the needle for my gums to get numb) however I tell him about the other side where i can feel the tooth or fragment aka a bone spur...he tells me this will heal on its own or fall I wear the denture he adjusted for 3 hours...and my gum bleeding off and on the entire time...I wake up this morning and there are new sore spots in my mouth and where i had the denture in now doesnt fit at all AGAIN...I cant afford to miss another day of work, I have cried on and off for 2 days this was nothing like I expected...I didnt expect top notch service for what I was paying...but I was NEVER informed that if I needed an adjustment I would have to take entire days off work to get this so uncomfortable dentures ajusted or relined.

Also, when I initially called they told me if I got the Premium dentures that for the immediate they would take my impression the same day and i could pick up the next day. However, they did not tell me it would be a cheap nasty denture that is the economy denture. When I got there they told me the immediate denture is done the same day and pick up the same day for this ugly uncomfortable denture that I cannot wear.

So now, I must go to work looking 15 years older than I am and am completely embarrassed to talk to anyone not being able to wear my denture. This is a nightmare that just wont end :cry

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