Asheville, North Carolina
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The wait in the office is very long, my credit card was charged without my knowledge for the full amount at the first visit, the office staff are rude and the dentures don't fit. I got the ultimate set yesterday and can not chew anything because of the pain.

I called the office for an adjustment, they told me to wear my old ones until I could come in for an appt next week; or I could just show up at 12:30 and pay $20.

Please save your money and time, go to a real dentist who cares about the patient instead of the money. This was $1500 badly spent, but tough lesson learned

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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Thank goodness you realize what happens. Making dentures expertly with all the steps takes a lot of time and the materials are expensive.

Therefore you can never hope to have a good set made cheap, usually not for under $3000.

all adjustments included, it usually takes about 10 appointments total.

The only way I know to get good dentures cheap is to go to a dental school. It will take a lot of time, however.

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