Manitowoc, Wisconsin

I had a go around with Rebecca,I wanted a new upperdenture and a lower partial made. I had the 100.00 X-ray and the consult, so Rebecca says OK well have to remove these three lower front teeth because they're lying foward and we'll add them to your partial.

So agree she pulls out her caculater and then gives me the grand total. I make the appropriate for the teeth to get pulled and to get the upper denture made. Well they did the impression before the teeth were pulled so of course the upper denture was going to stick out further then it should. I got my upper denture and it was horrible.

It rocked back and forth, the teeth were longer one side then the other the teeth and gums were 5050 and the gums were bubble gum color. I had the three bottom teeth pulled for a temp partial, went home couple days later looked in the mirror and say cavities in my bottom teeth that was not told about but I could pay 1,200. For a cast metal partial, that would be no good because of bad teeth I wasn't told about. So went back again, now they're going to pull the remainder 7 teeth.

OK and give me a new upper denture. I go back get in the chair got the novacain shots after being hooked up to the blood pressure machine at first it was normal after the novacain my heart was pounding so hard It felt like it was coming out of my chest. I was so lightheaded I thought I was going to die. I called the tech and she said oh its normal it happens to people at time.

Well it never happened to me. They don't give a blank. In 10 min I felt OK got my teeth pulled they shoved the denture in and I was walked out the door. Yesterday I went back to complain about my top denture and I was told Since Im not happy with the dentures out oh good will she will give me a refund and I'm being dismissed as a patient.

Make a appointment bring the dentures andand get my refund.

I got my refund today, as I was walking out a couple more people were sitting there with denture cups most likely having problems. How on earth can these people continue to rip off people and stay in business is beyond me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Well its still me not only all the above but the bones in my jaw are broken and now have to see a oral surgeon to have alveoplasty. Rebecca sure wasn't very careful when she pulled my teeth. Is this ever going to end.


Don't you wish you had taken care of your natural teeth so you could have avoided this fiasco?


They can continue to rip off people because patients like you are silly enough to believe advertising, and cheap enough so that your go to sleazy dentures mills like this instead of regular dentists. Like PT Barnum said, there is a sucker born every minute!

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