Earlington, Kentucky

ive drove 1 hour one way to try to get my denures fixed, i cant wear them. they look awful.

went. once and they was closed because school was out and the roads was all clear. I went today and they were closed due to illness who does that the whole office was ill. they wont make appointments so what can u do?

I dont leave my home because i cant wear them they make me look funny.

They have ruin my life. When i got my dentures i thought i would get to feeling better about myself now my depression is much worst.

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My son paid for his full set of dentures last year, and I find out now that the dentist who used to run affordable dentures took off & will not honor pre-paid packages-we are *** out of luck... I we want to finishing sons dental work; we have to pay again!


Hi! they dont care..its all about the money..I am TOTALLY with you on how you feel!!!

I feel the EXACT way!! cant go no where..they have all these pics of people in new dentures with beautiful smiles in pictues in the office..wheres ours right?? they dont care at all..are yours too big? too little?

my was way too big..now they are too little..I thought this business has been around for awhile?

and they cant get it right? go figure..

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