Smithland, Iowa

Staff seemed to be in a hurry and stressed. Patients sit and wait all day to get in, there is no such thing as an appointment. So if one needs to be at work they don't care as their "Office doesn't function like that".

They don't file insurance claims, but collect the money up front.

They didn't allow me to voice complaints and concerns about the wax try in (who can talk after 20 tooth extractions) and refused to give me pen and paper to write with. However they insisted I sign the form saying all was well with the try in.

The making of the soft liner was very uncomfortable, and the staff had no regard for sore spots. Every concern was minimized with "these are temporary" once you get the new dentures in a year it will be better. and the sore spots from the dentures are simply known as "canker sores".

Most of the staff talks too loud, perhaps if people can't talk due to new dentures or extractions, they think they can't hear either.

It feels like people are herded through like cattle going to slaughter and they don't take time to listen to patients as an individual and address individual needs. So in my opinion, not very professional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

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